2014 Bikes for Kids Update

The Wayne County 4-H Advisory Committee is continuing the “Bikes for Kids” service project and is encouraging all clubs to again take part.  This year is the 10th anniversary of the Wayne County 4-H / Wayne County Fair Bikes for Kids project, which began when Country Music Performer Aaron Tippin assembled a bike on-stage during his concert at the Wayne County Fair.   Our Junior Leaders and Wayne County Senior Fair Board members have consented to build the bicycles again this year and are challenging each 4-H Club to raise or donate enough money to purchase at least one bike (at an approximate cost of $65.00). The bicycles are donated to the Wayne County Children’s Services, People to People, and Salvation Army Christmas programs.  If each of our 4-H clubs raised or donated enough money to buy one bike, we would have 50. Some clubs may want to do two or three bikes, which would provide even more!  Money can be given at any time of the year, but MUST be turned in to the Extension office by October 24, 2014.

Junior Leaders and Senior Fair Board members will be working together to assemble the bikes on Monday December 1st at the FFA Building on the Wayne County Fairgrounds.

On behalf of the 4-H Advisory Committee we would like to say thank you to the following clubs that have donated funds toward this year’s Bikes for Kids project as of October 22, 2014:

Club Amount Donated No. of Bikes
Apple Creek Wide Awake $130.00 2
Basically Bovine $65.00 1
Baughman Guys and Gals $325.00 5
Burbank Livestock $65.00 1
City Kids $130.00 2
Clinton Lads & Lassies $130.00 2
Congress 4-H Power $130.00 2
Cream of the Crop $130.00 2
Dalton-Kidron Big 4 $130.00 2
Ewenique Critters $130.00 2
Jefferson Pioneers $65.00 1
Madisonburg Pioneers $65.00 1
Milton Country Clovers $325.00 5
Northwestern Neighbors $130.00 2
Pegasus $130.00 2
Smithie Whiz Kids $390.00 6
Smithville Simmer & Sew $130.00 2
Springville Country Club $130.00 2
Sterling 604 Rangers $65.00 1
Sugarcreek Gang $65.00 1
Valley College $130.00 2
Wayne County Hoof and Hide $130.00 2
Wrangler Kids $300.00 4
Total $3,420.00 52


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