Important Tack Message for all Horse Advisors

Just a Reminder for ALL HORSE ADVISORS to please take the time to look at all tack that your 4-hers  are planning on using at fair.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure it is safe (In good condition) & clean.
  • Horses over 5 yrs of age cannot be shown in a O ring or D ring snaffle  and shown with 2 hands  in western pleasure & horsemanship classes.
  • They must be in a shank bit (straight sides) and only shown with 1 hand in western pleasure & horsemanship classes.
  • If showing a horse over 5 yrs old and using 2 hands with a shank bit , they can be disqualified from a class.
  • Split reins are required for western pleasure  and  contest reins for contest are recommended for safety reasons.
  • If wearing  spurs, please make sure they are correct for the discipline (English or Western).This applies to boots also.
  • Leather halters & leads for showmanship for western are recommended

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