Reminder: Several Important Horse Forms Due June 1st

There are several important Horse forms due on June 1st.  The forms are all included in the 2014 Wayne County 4-H Horse Packet, which is available online.  The forms due June 1st are the:

  1. Horse ID Forms (both the sketch and the new form with a color 4×6 photo of the left-side view and a 4×6 color photo of the front view of the horse)
  2. Permission to Participate in 4-H Horse Activities Disclosure and Release of Claims Form
  3. PAS Qualifying Show Entry Form
  4. Horse Lease Agreements
  5. Page 35 of publication 191R – Horses, Safety, and You (for first year members)

Since June 1st is a Sunday, forms will be accepted until 4:30 p.m. on Monday June 2nd.

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