Curriculum Vitae

A PDF of a complete curriculum vitae can be downloaded at A shortened version with selected entries (approximately two pages) is below.


Wayne Carlson
Curriculum Vitae (shortened version)



Office: The Office of Undergraduate Education, The Ohio State University
381 Bricker Hall – 190 N. Oval Mall – Columbus, Ohio 43210 –
(614) 247-1896


PhD – Computer Graphics, The Ohio State University, 1982. (Advisor: Dr. Frank Crow)

M.S. – Computer Science, The Ohio State University, 1975.

M.S. – Mathematics, Idaho State University, 1974.

B.S. – Mathematics, Idaho State University, 1972.


1988 – present          The Ohio State University

Vice Provost of Undergraduate Studies and Dean of Undergraduate Education – 2009-present
Department of Industrial, Interior and Visual Communication Design – 2001-present; Chair – 2001-2009
The Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design – Director -1991-2001
Department of Design – Professor – 1996-present; Associate Professor – 1991-1996
Department of Computer Science – Assistant Professor – 1988-1991

1982 – 1988   Cranston/Csuri Productions, Inc., Columbus, Ohio

President, 1987 – 1988
Vice President/Operations 1985 – 1987
Director ofProduction/R&D 1982 – 1985


Reviewer – NSF, CACM, SIGGRAPH, IEEE CG&A, Prentice-Hall

Jury Member – 1986 SIGGRAPH Electronic Theatre Film Show

Content Development Team – PBS/Annenberg Foundation Visumap Project, 1985-87

Jury Member – 1990 SIGGRAPH Electronic Theatre Film Show, 1990 Art Show (Film and Video)

Co-Chair – 1990 and 1991 SIGGRAPH Tutorial – Generation of 3D Data for Image Synthesis

Director – ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee, 1990-1992

Panel Member – ACM SIG Discretionary Fund Review Committee, 1990-1992

Chair – 1992,1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 SIGGRAPH Tutorial – Fundamentals of 3D Graphics

Vice Chair – ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee, 1992-1993

Courses Chair – SIGGRAPH ‘95 Annual Conference

Editorial Board – SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Book Series (with Addison Wesley) 1993-present


U.S. Department of Education, “The Ohio State University Veteran Students Success Alliance,” Sept. 2010 – Sept 2013, $392,460.

Ohio Board of Regents, “JobReady Internships and Co-Ops for Ohio Industry, Jan. 2013 – Dec. 2013, $1,567,166.

General Electric Aircraft Engine Group for “Advanced Engine Graphical Analysis,” April 1, 1988 – November 30, 1991, $74,618.

American Gas Association Laboratories for “Kitchen Ventilation Visualization,” November 15, 1991 – December 31, 1994, $320,000.

DARPA for “Online Steering of Scientific Simulations Using the NASA ACTS,” 1991 – 1994, $1,012,765 (Co-Principal Investigator).

The Department of Education, National Institute for Disability Research and Rehabilitation for “The Determination of Environmental Accessibility and Wheelchair User Proficiency through Virtual Simulation,” 1993-1998, $700,000 per year (Co-Principal Investigator portion – $33,154 per year ).

DARPA for “ACTS and Supercomputing in Remote, Cooperative Medical Triage Support and Radiation for Treatment Planning,” 1993 – 1995, $3,376,815 (Co-Principal Investigator portion -$898,307).


“Assessing User Proficiency Through Virtual Simulations,” (with D. Stredney, R. Yagel, T. Moeller, P. Shih and M. Fontana), Proceedings of RESNA ‘97, annual meeting of the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, June 20-24, 1997, pp 366-368.

“Anatomy-based Modeling of the Human Musculature,” (with F. Scheepers, R. Parent, and S. May), SIGGRAPH 97 Conference Proceedings, January, 1997.

“Three Dimensional Volume Visualization in Remote Radiation Treatment Planning”, (with D.Y.Y. Yun, H.M.C. Garcia, S.K. Mun, J.E. Rogers, W.G. Tohme, S. May, and R. Yagel), Proceedings of the IS&T/SPIE Symposium on Electronic Imaging:Science and Technology, Visual Data Exploration and Analysis III, The International Society for Optical Engineering, IS&T/SPIE Proc. 2656, February, 1996.

“The Design of a High-Speed Network for Distributed Coupling of Scientific Simulation Models Using the NASA ACTS,” (with A. Welch), Proceedings of the 16th International Communications Satellite Systems Conference, Washington DC, February, 1996.

“Particle Tracing in Curvilinear Grids,” (with D. Reed, L. Wade, and P. Carswell), Proceedings of the IS&T/SPIE Symposium on Electronic Imaging:Science and Technology, Visual Data Exploration and Analysis II, The International Society for Optical Engineering, IS&T/SPIE Proc. 2410, February, 1995, pp 120-128.

“Solid Spaces and Inverse Particle Systems for Controlling the Animation of Gases and Fluids,” (with D.S. Ebert and R.E. Parent), The Visual Computer, V10, #2, November 1993).

“Simulating the Structure and Dynamics of Human Hair: Modelling, Rendering and Animation,” (with R. Rosenblum, and E. Tripp),   The Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation (Special Issue on Facial Animation), V2,#4, October, 1992, pp141-148.

“Establishing Correspondences by Topological Merging: A New Approach to 3-D Shape Transformation,” (with J.R. Kent and R.E. Parent), Graphics Interface ‘91, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, June, 1991.

“An Advanced Data Generation System for Use in Complex Object Synthesis for Computer Display,” Proceedings of Graphics Interface ’82, Toronto, Canada, May, 1982, pp. 197-204.

“Procedure Models for Generating Three Dimensional Terrain,” with B. Marshall and R. Wilson, Computer Graphics, V14, #2, July, 1980, pp. 154-161.

“An Algorithm and Data Structure for Three Dimensional Object Synthesis Using Surface Patch Intersections,” Computer Graphics, V16, #3, July, 1982, pp. 255-264.

“The Determination of Environmental Accessibility and ADA Compliance through Virtual Wheelchair Simulation,” (with D. Stredney, E. Swan and B. Blostein), PRESENCE – Journal of Teleoperators and Virtual Environments, V4, #3, Summer 1995, pp 297-305.


Michele Dickey – 3D Virtual Worlds and Learning: An Analysis of the Impact of Design Affordances in Active Worlds, Blazzun Interactive, and Onlive! Traveler; and a Study of the Implementation of Active Worlds for Formal and Informal Education (1999)

Stephen May – Distributed Procedural Modeling (1998)

Jin Won Choi – The Design and Implementation of a Multimedia Information and Authoring System for Teaching and Learning Architectural History and Theory (1995)

Keith Shomper – Visualizing Program Variable Data for Debugging (1993)

Scott Grissom – Approaches to Analysis of 3D Graphics Systems (1993)

James Kent – Techniques for Transforming Shape (1992)

Wayne Brown – Interactive Constraint-Based Conceptual Design (1989)