CG History

As part of an ongoing course that was developed and taught by Dr. Carlson at Ohio State, several resources have been created and continuously updated. A website that contains the resources used in the course, including text, photos, videos and pertinent links to online and other resources has become the definitive online historical resource pertaining to the history of the discipline. It can be viewed online at

A Critical History of Computer Graphics and Animation


A significant local component of that website describes the history of the OSU Computer Graphics Research Group, the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design, the graphics group at the Ohio Supercomputer Center, and Cranston/Csuri Productions, Inc. It can be viewed online at

A Short History of ACCAD and CGRG


An eBook is currently in review stages that accompany the website and course described above. The eBook (Computer Graphics and Computer Animation: A Retrospective Overview) includes a review of the important work of individuals and institutions, including video and film, as well as a review and discussion of printed material from the literature. Photos are obviously very important to capturing the essence of some of the contributions, and so they are liberally scattered throughout. Some take advantage of the interactivity offered by an e-text, so the reader can investigate them more thoroughly. A preliminary copy of the book can be found at