Concept Screening and Scoring

Our concept screening and scoring methods used multiple criteria in order to determine which designs we would proceed with developing, and which designs were eliminated. The criteria included stability, durability, agility, and efficiency. In scoring, stability and efficiency were weighted the most, at 30%, with durability and agility following at 20%. We believed that it was very important for the AEV to function in a stable condition, as it would lead to reliable and repeatable testing. Efficiency was also deemed very important, as the AEV should use as minimal resources as possible, while still completing the task at a desirable rate. Durability goes in-hand with stability, as the AEV should be able to withstand multiple tests without losing function. Finally, an agile AEV is vital for low-weight and high-speed execution of tasks.

The matrices for screening and scoring can be found below.

Concept Screening & Scoring

As seen with the results of the concept scoring, Design A and Design D were the most successful in regards to the criteria. These two designs will be developed, while Designs B, C, and E will be scrapped.