Servo Testing

The below figures emphasize the differences in power usage of the AEV due to power braking and servo braking.Looking at either the Power vs. Distance or Time plots, it is clear that power braking uses more power/energy to brake than the servo does. The instant power braking is applied, there is a large spike in power for a brief time. Otherwise, the plots of power braking and servo braking are very similar. The servo was also extremely effective at stopping, both in precision and time. Traveling at 70% power with the motors all activated, the servo was able to stop the AEV within 3 inches after activation. It is also more reliable and safe than power braking. Therefore, the team will be using servo braking going forward. It may be implemented in a different fashion than was used in the testing, but the concept will be the same. It will be used for stopping in the performance tests.