Mission Concept Review (MCR) Approach

Division L of Watts Scientific, Co. consists of Michael Debevec, Enoch Fu, and Ryan Shaffer. This division plans to use efficient communication and synergistic teamwork to design an Advance Energy Vehicle (AEV) that satisfies all the requirements for the AEV project.

In order to create a satisfactory model for the project, the team will address the issue using the engineering design process and define all possible constraints to the AEV. After defining the problem thoroughly, the team will obtain necessary background information to encourage creative and applicable ideas that will address the project mission. Then, through collective brainstorming of all the ideas, the team will plan out and put forth the best idea into fruition. Through simulations and modeling via software like SolidWorks, the team will attempt to perfect the desired AEV specifications through rigorous testing in models, all as part of research and development. At any point in this process, the team may go back to a previous design stage to resolve possible conflicts.

The AEV itself will be assembled from a lab kit consisting of PVC sheet structures, electric motors, propellers, monorail wheels, and an Arduino Nano control system. The goal of Division L is to design a inexpensive and simple AEV that will fully meet all requirements without burdensome extensions and attachments.

Each team member will be held accountable by weekly team meetings that serve as the main source of communication on each member’s progress in their respective roles. Those meetings will allow the team to accurately translate progress into concrete documentation on this website.

While engineering will be a large part of this project, the team will seek to improve in other skills like project management, which will be trained through various schedules and deadlines. Communication in a professional manner will be tested in writing through progress reports, grant applications, and critical design reviews. Verbal professionalism will be tested through oral presentations and communication with the instructional team.