Sales Pitch

Take an out of this world journey with Division J’s AEV:


Creativity, durability, safety,¬†efficiency, and consistency ¬†are just some of the key strengths of this division’s AEV. To begin, the space shuttle design catches the eye of every person in the City of Linden that pass by. It takes the basic reference AEV to the next level with a creative, aerodynamic structure made of balsa wood. The overall AEV is custom made using a minimal amount of kit parts. This balsa wood design adds durability to the vehicle because of its solid, enclosed structure. Because the shell is closed, the parts inside the AEV such as the Arduino, battery, and wires are contained inside. This adds to the safety of the vehicle because it prevents the wires from inhibiting the performance of the vehicle or getting caught in the propellors. Although the AEV is closed, maintenance is trouble free with the open top. In addition, the balsa wood material is efficient. Since it is so lightweight, less power, thus, less energy is used to complete each task. The vehicle is resourceful with energy and cost effective. Lastly, Division J’s AEV is consistent. With servo technology, the AEV stops on a dime every time. Each run is accurate and consistent with the energy utilized and the timing. The smart option for the Smart City Project is Division J!