Data Analysis Tool

The two plots representing Power vs Time and Power vs Distance created from the Data Analysis Tool can be found below in Figure 1 and Figure 2:

Figure 1: Power vs Time Plot

Figure 2: Power vs Distance Plot


The code that was used to create these plots can be found under the Preliminary Research and Development Arduino Code.

The Power vs Distance and Power vs Time graphs were very similar with a couple notable differences. Both increase in the beginning when the motor was accelerated, but Power vs Time constantly increased while the other is a vertical line. It appeared more time was taken to accelerate than to move the certain distance. Both graphs had a horizontal line after the acceleration, as the motors are ran at a constant speed. Power was then reduced to 20%, and the graphs dropped off after. There was a sudden jump in both graphs when the motors were reversed, and then another horizontal line as they traveled at a new constant speed. When the motors braked, both graphs generated a vertical line representing a drop to zero energy.