Mission Concept Review

Welcome to Division J! The students of this division consist of Dan McGill, Zahra Amin, Stephanie Duros, and Liam McNamara. The goal of this project is to design and create an Advance Energy Vehicle (AEV) that performs several tasks in an efficient manner while staying within a given budget.  With the AEV project, Team J will expand on their problem solving skills while gaining comfort and knowledge by working with different motors, structures, and tools. In addition, time management, team-work, and technical documentation skills will also be utilized.

In order to complete this project in a thorough, timely manner, the team will meet regularly while generating meeting minutes. Different roles will be assigned to team members to avoid overlap or conflict. Each member can be held accountable for their role is an aspect of the project is left unfinished or performed incorrectly.

To begin, the team will identify the requirements and analyze the overall purpose of the project. Research will be conducted to gain prior knowledge on a solid approach. In class activities along with outside sources will aid the research. Team members will brainstorm ideas and through experimentation, trial, and error, the team will discover the most efficient approach to the AEV.

Progress will be documented via the webpage. In addition, a Powerpoint presentation will be prepared and submitted by the team to showcase the final AEV design and the process. Throughout the process, each team member will be challenged and several skills will be developed through the duration of this project.