Team Meeting Minutes


Meeting 1:

Watts Scientific Team F Meeting Minutes

Date: 1/17/18
Time: 5:00 – 7:00 PM (In person)
Members Present: Keith Cummings, Madison Morgan, Norbert Ung, Tessa Gilmore
Topics Discussed: Team introductions, Website Update 1, Initial AEV setup

The objective of this meeting was for the team to get to know each other, assign initial responsibilities, discuss the upcoming first set of deliverables and build the initial setup for the AEV.

Progress Prior to Meeting:
• Company landing page was created (MM)

To Do / Action Items:
• Set up TA’s as administrators for the website (MM)
• Set up team member contact page on website (ΝU)
• Each team member will fill in their own contact info on webpage
• Upload minutes to Carmen (KC)
• Upload website link to Carmen (KC)

• Initial prototype of the AEV was built according to sample documentation
• Team roles:
o KC: Team notetaker
o MM: Website manager
o NU: Lead programmer
o TG: Transporter
• The team developed an outline for our approach to designing the AEV, which is on the website

• TG: Our team should work on taking better pictures during construction revisions

Meeting 2:

Watts Scientific Team F Meeting Minutes

Date: 1/31/2018
Time: 5:30-7
Members Present: All members Present
Topics Discussed: Website update 2, Creative Design Thinking

Objective: To compile individual team concepts into one initial AEV design concept for further testing. Also, organize jobs for website update 2.

To Do / Action Items:
– Upload pictures under “Team Contact Information”-all members
– Create new team design-all members
– Sketch new team design-Tessa
– Upload reflectance sensor picture/info-Keith
– Work on Website 2 update-Maddie and Norbert

– Use cross shape base for design
– No wings on design
– Battery location moved

-Be thorough in documentation as research in lab progresses (pictures, sketches, notes, etc.)

Meeting 3:

Team F Meeting Minutes 

 Date: February 3, 2018 

Time: 10:00am – 12:30pm 

Members Present:  Tessa Gilmore, Madison Morgan, Norbert Ung, Keith Cummings 

Topics Discussed:  Concept screening and scoring. Progress Report Deliverables    


The objective of this meeting was to screen and score our possible designs and decide which to carry forward.  Additionally, we assigned duties for the upcoming progress report. 

 To Do / Action Items: 

  • 10:05:  Discussed Meeting goals 
  • 10:15:  Completed concept screening for each design 
  • 11:00:  Complete concept scoring for each design  
  • 11:45:  Chose designs to carry forward and assembled Keith’s design 
  • 12:00:  Assigned responsibilities for the progress report 


  • We decided to carry forward Keith’s and Norbert’s designs with modifications 
  • Tessa and Madison will lead progress report on past accomplishments 
  • Keith and Norbert will lead progress report on future plans 


Meeting 4:

 Team F Meeting Minutes 

 Date: 2/14/18 

Time: 5 – 6 pm 

Members Present: Keith Cummings, Tessa Gilmore, Madison Morgan and Norbert Ung 

Topics Discussed:   Grant Proposal and Committee Meeting 1 


  • To prepare a grant proposal for a 3-D printed part for our AEV. 
  • To prepare for upcoming committee meetings  

  To Do / Action Items: 

  • Prepare Solidworks drawing for grant proposal (TG & MM) 
  • Prepare Powerpoint slide (ΝU) 
  • Gather and submit documents for committee meetings (KC) 


  • Our team decided to focus on proposing a battery case for the AEV
  •  Committee meeting assignments:
    •  Human Resources:  (ΝU) 
    • Research and Development:  (TG & KC) 
    • Public Relations:  (MM)