Performance Test 3



For the Final Performance Test a second half was added to the requirements of Performance Test 2. After passing through that gate from the start of the track and stopping in the loading zone to collect the cart, The AEV was required to pull the cart back through the gate and to the other side of the track, stopping withing the last two brackets. As per Performance Test 1, to open the gate the AEV had to stop in between the two sensors and wait for seven seconds, after the gate opened the AEV could pass safely through with the attached cart. One thing to note was that the cart was easily heavier than the designed AEV, therefore the code used in Performance Test 1 could not be copied as the added weight greatly affected acceleration and braking distance.


Final Performance Test Analysis: 

The main goal of Performance Test 3 was to complete the above task while also maximizing energy efficiency. Three different codes were tested and their energy comparisons are graphed below. The Final Performance Test code was tweaked to use more coasting and servo braking; this allowed for overall less energy to be used. The data produced from the AEV’s Final Performance Test concluded that 166.24 J were used. This was 14J better than the next best run performed by the class. Team F’s AEV took 45 seconds to complete the entire run with 166 J.


Final Performance Test: Energy Comparison