Performance Test 2



For Performance Test 2, the AEV had to not only travel through the gate as instructed in Performance Test 1, but also make it to the loading zone at the end of the track and connect gently with the cart. Points could be deducted if the AEV connected too harshly and caused the cart to bounce off of the backboard of the track. Therefore, it was crucial that the AEV slowed down enough that it would gently attach to the cart but not so much that it would stop completely before the cart. After connecting with the cart the AEV was required to wait for five seconds before continuing out of the loading zone. At this time the AEV did not need to make it back to the gate.


Performance Test Analysis:

Performance Test 2 was achieved with 100% accuracy by Team F. In order to have a successful run, the team had to change different variables affecting the code. They compared the effects of coasting vs. Servo braking into the loading dock; these tests resulted in the choice of servo braking. The team engaged the servo brake at a 37 degree angle of rotation for 0.3 seconds. This allowed for the AEV to smoothly and gently connect to the caboose and wait at the loading zone for the allotted time.