Performance Test 1



For the first Performance Test, the AEV was required to start at one end of the track and move forward to the gate located in the middle of the track. The gate, comprised of two sensors and a blocking arm would stop the AEV from continuing forward unless it triggered the gate’s program to open. To open the gate, the AEV had to stop in between the the two sensors and wait for seven seconds. After the seven seconds the gate’s arm would lift and the AEV would be allowed to move forward. If the AEV traveled too far into the gate and triggered the second sensor, the gate would emit an alert sound, the countdown for the gate opening would stop, and the AEV would be blocked from continuing down the track. Therefore, it was important that the AEV had a very controlled braking distance to avoid triggering the second sensor.


Performance Test Analysis:

Performance Test 1 was successful in the end. Design 1 proved extremely stable on the track. Additionally, the two motor design provided ample power to accelerate and reach the correct speed quickly, while providing sufficient control to keep power settings below 40%. The servo brake was an integral part in the successful run as it allowed the AEV to stop within an inch of the gate when applied. This quick stopping was particularly important due to the challenges faced in the Performance Test 1  trial runs.