aR&D 2: Motor Quantity

What are you current AEV findings?

In aR&D 2, we explored the changing of motor quantity to the AEV and we tested with 1 motor and 2 motors on the AEV. The purpose of this research was to show the efficacy and efficiency of the number of motors. We found that the power is cut in half when we use 1 motor vs. 2 motors and the distance traveled was significantly less due to having 1 motor pushing the AEV vs 2 motors pushing the AEV. There is also a factor on where the motor is positioned as we positioned the motor directly behind the AEV and it did not have any airflow, thus preventing it from going as far as it could have with two motors on the sides.

How does the research support these findings?

The second experiment shows that cutting a motor will drastically cut power, and distance traveled and should not be an option in furthering this project. The AEV needs to have an aerodynamic feature where airflow helps propel the AEV forward along the track. We found that two motors make the AEV more efficient and travel further.

How does/will this make your AEV more marketable?

 In aR&D 2, distance traveled and power consumed is directly dependent on the motor quantity, and efficacy and efficiency should not be sacrificed to cut costs by removing motors.
Figure 1. Distance vs Power for 1 Motor
Figure 2. Time vs Distance for 1 Motor
Figure 3. Time vs Power for 2 Motors
Figure 4. Distance vs Power for 2 Motors