Mission Concept Review

The students of Division F will use the AEV as an opportunity to develop critical thinking and motor skills over the course of the project. Several goals of this project include developing project management and teamwork skills, learning about the engineering design process, and improving professionalism and technical communications.

Team meetings will allow students to meet regularly and track progress. The delegation process will assign roles to each members so that each assignment is completed. Towards the end of the project, Division F will submit a report and PowerPoint presentation to showcase the development and design of the AEV.

Division F will go through the engineering design process that consists of several steps: identify the requirements, collect relative background information, brainstorm concepts, manage materials, and build, test, and evaluate the progress of the AEV. This project mainly consists of trial and error to create the perfect design to reach our goal of creating a fast and cost-efficient vehicle.

Along with these skills, Division F will learn professionalism and technical communications where the AEV will be showcased through progress reports and critical design reviews. Each member will have the opportunity to communicate effectively through grant proposals and oral presentations. Overall, the goal of Division F is to create a cost-efficient and fast AEV while developing the necessary skills.