Final blog post

I have learned many things about technology and about myself throughout this course. I was not sure what to expect when I first started the course, but now that it is over I am happy that I have taken it. I started out being the biggest procrastinator and I never did anything on time. A few of the lessons  from module 2 really helped me fix my procrastination problems. I learned how to use the web efficiently instead of wasting time and looking at social media. I never knew that there were websites where you can communicate with other classmates to get their inout on the lessons. I have being using the interactive websites and it has actually really helped me. I never thought that I would be able to actually use the computer without checking my social media or doing some online shopping, but this course has really helped me avoid that. I had not idea that there are so many different strategies and tools you use just by using your computer. This course has really opened my eyes to so many new ideas.

Not only have I learned how to use the computer to enhance my learning, but I have also learned how to better take notes and listen in class. I think module 5 and module 6 both helped me the most. I have been able to listen while taking notes better. Before this course I use to just write down everything the teacher said and then I would realize I never knew what we were actually talking about. Now that I have taken this course I am able to summarize the lecture so I still have time to listen to what the teacher is saying. I think this by far has been the most insightful part of the whole course.  I enjoyed these sections so much because they were easy to apply in my actual class. I was not a very good note taker a few weeks ago, but now I think I have improved tremendously.

Overall, I have really enjoyed this class and plan on taking everything I have learned to my actual classes in the fall. I never knew there were so many different strategies to learning, so now I feel like a brand new student. I wish I would have taken this course sooner because I have really learned a lot about hoe to learn. It sounds funny that I am saying I have learned how to learn, but it is very true. All of the strategies from module 1-3 and 5-6 were my favorite because I have already started to use these skill builders and strategies in my lecture class. I would recommend this class to all freshmen because it teaches a lot about what you need for the rest of your time in college. The class seemed pointless to me in the beginning, but then I started to notice that I was using different things from the lessons in my other classes. I enjoyed the way the instructor presented the information and I know that I will continue to use the online skills for the rest of the time I am here.



Module 6 Lesson 6

The first bullet point on the slide show presentation basically explains all of my writing. I always try to make my papers go so fast that I don’t end up getting good quality information. I am usually not one for using textbooks as my sources, but I know they can sometimes be the most credible ones. It is really difficult to come by strong credible websites because so many different people want to put their own information in their sites.  I sometimes just get caught up in how interesting something is and do not really pay attention to the actual quality of the information. I have never looked for authors, dates,  biased opinions, etc. so now I know those are a few things to look for on a website.  I was told to never use Wikipedia as a website to get information off of, but I see that I can use it for small background information. I really like the boolean logic because it allows you to find more specific information about the topic at hand. Along with boolean logic, I really think that the advanced search will really help me out. I had no idea you could search with advanced so now I will be using that more often. Learning all of this information from this slide show is really going to help me when I am researching for my next paper.

Module 5 listening and viewing strategies

I have always taken notes throughout my computer, but now I have started to print off pages. This past week I used a few different methods from lesson 5. I printed the pages out,  used notebooks, and just simply typed outlines of what each lesson was. I am not a big fan on recording my teacher because I end up getting bored while listening to recording later on. Although I do not really like listening to podcasts and such; I do really enjoy watching informational online videos. Hearing the lesson taught by someone else in a different way really helps me understand the concepts more. I like to do things on my own so using other sites to take notes, and create templates is not what I prefer. Printing my notes out and writing and filling them in really seemed to help me the most out of the three different choices. I don’t mind writing every single thing down and creating different sections, but I like to know what the teacher thinks is most important and that is usually on the printouts. Because I like to use my computer it is easy for me to just type the notes as we go, but I don’t retain information that way so printing out is going to be my best option.

Educational video

The main point of this video was to give a quick overview of the different parts of the brain and its functions. It broke the brain up into superior, inferior, posterior, and anterior which are the four major sections. The explanation went into great detail of each part of the brain and everything it contains.  By listening to this eleven minute video it allows you to learn what each part of the brain can do, and how it works with the body. I liked the video because the teacher made sure to tell every little function of each specific part.

I think that this video enhances your knowledge because it is a short explanation of something that can normally take hours. I am very fond of the brain and how it works, so listening to this video gives me a better knowledge at a faster rate. I am not sure how it would help other people because it is so short, but I prefer short because it doesn’t drag on and on. I enjoy learning how each specific part works with different body parts. Short tutorial videos are easy for me to listen to because they typically squeeze a lot of information into a little amount of time.


Module 4 web-enhanced reading

Before reading through the lesson I had a strong feeling about reading things online, and that feeling is not good at all. I have never liked reading online before because I am always distracted from what I actually need to be doing. Now, after reading the slideshow and understanding how to avoid distraction, and what to do when reading online I am starting to warm up to the thought a little bit. Before I would just read and read and read and I never would get anything accomplished, but now I know not to just look at the words, but to actually underline and highlight the information.  I am going to have to start making reading online more hands on and I think I will be okay. I am a person who gets very bored with just reading things so it has always been hard for me to retain the information that was given to me.  I also think I have a problem because I am supposed to do it all by myself so I just have to keep my mind focused enough to want to read the topics at hand. Along with not liking to read online I also am not very organized so now that I have a few things to help me become more organized I should be able to focus more. Efficient is my biggest flaw, but I am willing to try to fix that.

Makayla Waterman’s blog

When collaborating with students I think it is very important to use online skills and communication. Typically when a person is working with another student it is essential that they have a way of communicating without actually being in class. Not only is it important for the students  to be in contact during the time they have to work on the project, but it is important that they are working equally on all parts. It is very easy to exchange emails and I think that is the best way to keep in contact with the other students. Having “netiquette” is very important in communicating online as well because if you can’t communicate properly with others then they will not want to work with you.  Along with collaborating with students using online resources is very important as well. Today we are blessed with all this technology so it is very easy for us to research and use the internet for all different types of information.  I think that using online skills will benefit majorly in future classes.

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