A Joint U.S.-India Conference

Waste Management Innovation

“Toward a Green, Inclusive, Circular Economy

17-18 April, 2017

Oberoi and Trident Hotels, Nariman Point, Mumbai

This unique conference convenes U.S. and Indian experts from the business community, government, academia, and civil society to identify innovative waste reduction technologies and practices that will enable India to achieve sustainable economic growth. The Conference includes not just the corporate, urban, and governmental perspectives on waste management, but also the perspectives of villagers, including women.

The U.S. Consulate General in Mumbai has established a seed capital fund to help entrepreneurs develop innovative waste reduction or avoidance technologies, as well as practical social or economic initiatives. Proposals for funding will be solicited based on the results of the conference.

Conference Highlights

The conference program includes a variety of plenary and topical sessions:

  • Best practice presentations by leading policy makers and practitioners from the U.S. and India
  • Panel sessions involving global industry representatives and high-ranking government officials
  • Interactive sessions to facilitate dialogue among conference attendees about promising solutions
  • Special session on entrepreneurship opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Participants will learn from others and contribute their own knowledge about:

  • The current state of waste management in India, and key challenges that may limit growth
  • Innovative approaches such as source reduction, supply chain footprint reduction, waste minimization, waste conversion to byproducts, waste reuse and remanufacturing
  • Opportunities to build collaborative networks among individuals and organizations in the U.S., India,
    and South Asia to address waste management challenges
  • Potential sources of financing for promising ideas generated at the conference.

Sponsored by the U.S. Consulate General, Mumbai

Organized by The Ohio State University,  

in cooperation with the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay



For more information, please contact:

Ms. Priya Kurle, Assistant Director
Global Gateway India, The Ohio State University, Mumbai, India
T: +91 22 2282 1156 | +91 22 2282 1517 | vasantkurle.1@osu.edu

Ms. Melissa Amos, Program Coordinator
Sustainable and Resilient Economy, The Ohio State University, USA
T: +1 614 292 3732 | amos.126@osu.edu