Market Steer Announcements

2020 State Fair Market Beef Registration

DNA sample kits and EID tags are available from the Extension Office. All samples must be received at the Ohio State Fair by January 15, 2020

Market Steer Tag-in & Weigh-in for 2020

Tag-in for 2020 Market Steers to be taken to the Washington County Fair will be Saturday, December 14 from 8-10 AM at the NFO Building on SR 339 near Waterford.


Ohio State Fair Results….So Far (Congrats Everyone!)

Here are the results for 4-H Project Judging results for the Ohio State Fair (as of July 31)

  • Melina Matics – Cat 1 – Outstanding of the Day
  • Hannah Seevers – Pet Rabbit – Outstanding of the Day
  • Ava Gebczyk – Self-Determined-Companion Animals – Outstanding of the Day
  • Kesselyn Bigley – On the Cutting Edge (Vet Science) – Outstanding of the Day
  • Leo Milazzo – Robotics 1 – Outstanding of the Day
  • Jason Schultheis – Measuring Up (Woodworking) – Outstanding of the Day
  • Melina Matics – Cake Decorating-Beginner/Senior – Clock Trophy Winner!
  • Sierra Sinclair – Beyond the Grill – Clock Trophy Winner!

Ohio State Fair Orientation – Sunday, July 21

4-H members who are selected to represent Washington County at the Ohio State Fair, should plan to attend the State Fair Orientation on July 21, 2019, 1:30pm at the Extension Office. This is a time for members, parents, and advisors to become familiar with State Fair judging, directions to judging venues, plus ideas on how to take projects to a new level for State Fair interviews and judging will be shared.  Photos for the media will also be taken.

4-H members selected as State Fair representatives at County 4-H Project Judging will receive notification of their project judging day and time at the State Fair. If you are selected as a State Fair representative, it is very important for you to let the office know as soon as possible if you are able to participate. If you are able to participate, we need time to get you the details,    tickets and maps you will need for your State Fair trip. If you are unable to participate we will need time to contact alternates. The Ohio State Fair can be an awesome experience for the whole family!

Going to the Ohio State Fair as a county representative can be a wonderful opportunity. It is a time to meet others from around the state, learn more about your project interest, and gain useful interviewing skills. Many 4-H’ers feel they are not ready or too nervous to take this opportunity but it can be a fun adventure filled learning experience. We hope the State Fair Orientation and encouragement from parents and advisors will give those members selected for Sate Fair the tools they need to take the adventure!


July 16 4-H Project Judging & Public Speaking Results Announced

The results from the July 16 4-H Project Judging are now posted!

If you were selected as a state fair qualifier you will be expected to attend State Fair Orientation on Sunday, July 21 at 1:30 at the Extension Office. If you are not planning to attend you will need to notify the Extension Office at 740-376-7431 so we can contact the state fair alternate. Media pictures will be taken at Sunday’s orientation so please wear a nice shirt.

Here are the results with State Fair Dates:

July 16 Judging Results

Winner List of Speaking Contest

Here is Ohio State Fair Calendar when each project gets judged:

2019 OSF Calendar for Project Judging

4-H’s Got Talent Show – July 27 at State Fair

Location: Main Stage of the Lausche Youth Center at the Ohio State Fair

Date/Time: Saturday, July 27th at 6:00pm

Eligibility: Any Ohio 4-H’ers

Categories: Vocal, Instrumental, Dance, & Miscellaneous (Individual or Group)

Application Deadline: July 15th

For More Info and Application:

Flier: 2019 4-H’s Got Talent flyer

Ohio State Fair Skillathons

4-H and FFA youth can show what they know about 9 different animal species through 10 skillathon events during the Ohio State Fair (see the schedule below). Skillathons are free, registration is the day of the event (an adult must accompany the youth), youth can come anytime between the hours listed, and youth do not have to be a state fair exhibitor or be enrolled in an animal project in order to complete. Youth vying for the Outstanding Market Exhibitor (OME) award for goat, sheep, poultry, swine, and beef must participate in the Skillathon, showmanship, and live animal show in order to qualify. Rules, study resources (including the station topics for each species), and other information are available at:

WE, 7/17 from 10am-3pm HORSE SKILLATHON Voinovich Livestock Center Mezzanine (2nd floor)
FR, 7/19 from 12-5pm GOAT SKILLATHON Voinovich Livestock Center Mezzanine (2nd floor)
TU, 7/23 from 9am-2pm SHEEP SKILLATHON Brown Arena Wool Room
TH, 7/25 from 3-6:30pm DAIRY SKILLATHON 1 Voinovich Livestock Center Mezzanine (2nd floor)
TU, 7/30 from 9am-3pm DOG SKILLATHON Buckeye Sports Center (north end)
WE, 7/31 from 1:30-5pm DAIRY SKILLATHON 2 Voinovich Livestock Center Mezzanine (2nd floor)
WE, 7/31 from 4-7:30pm POULTRY SKILLATHON Rabbit/Poultry Pavilion
TH, 8/1 from 8am-1pm SWINE SKILLATHON Voinovich Livestock Center Mezzanine (2nd floor)
TH, 8/2 from 4-7pm BEEF SKILLATHON Voinovich Livestock Center Mezzanine (2nd floor)
FR, 8/2 from 8am-12pm RABBIT SKILLATHON Rabbit/Poultry Pavilion