Ohio 4-H Celebration of Youth – Bidding is Now Open!

Since 1998, 4-H Celebration of Youth has been the annual statewide fundraiser supporting Ohio 4-H youth development in each of Ohio’s counties.

Did you know that you can participate in the Ohio 4-H Celebration of Youth auction, even if you’re not going to the event? The auction is now open and can be found at 4HCOY.givesmart.com. Items include everything from homemade jewelry to beach vacations.

Please register to bid at 4HCOY.givesmart.com. If you need any assistance, you can find directions at go.osu.edu/COY or call the Ohio 4-H Foundation at 614-292-6943.

The auction will close on Saturday evening, Oct. 2, at 8 p.m. Bid early and bid often to support Ohio 4-H!

Thank you in advance for your support!

Ohio 4-H Needs Your Help!

Dear friend of 4-H,

The success of the Ohio 4-H program depends on the involvement of volunteers and Ohio State University Extension staff members, which is why we feel it’s important to understand and act upon the unique experiences of those involved. As Ohio 4-H works to improve programming for youth, volunteers, and alumni, we value your opinion as an alum or friend of our organization.

As a friend or alum of Ohio 4-H, can you please take 5 minutes by Sept. 24 to complete this brief survey, which will guide Ohio 4-H’s alumni engagement and volunteer engagement efforts? In exchange for completing this survey, you can choose to enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card.


Ohio State Fair Project Judging Results Announced

Six local 4-H youth were recognized during the Ohio State Fair for receiving Outstanding of the Day Awards or Clock Trophy Awards. Outstanding of the Day awards were presented to the participants that scored in the top twenty percent of their class, whereas the top score of the day in each class received a clock trophy.

Complete results can be found at: https://ohio4h.org/ohiostatefair/2021-results

Melina Matics, Oak Grove Explorers 4-H Club

  • Cake Decorating – Senior – Clock Trophy Winner
  • Companion Animals – Cat 2 – Clock Trophy Winner
  • Home Decorating – Makeover My Space – Senior – Outstanding of the Day
  • Demonstration Contest – Senior Individual – Clock Trophy Winner

Therese Schmidt, Backyard Gang 4-H Club

  • Scrapbooking – Junior – Clock Trophy Winner

Josie Burke, Running Wild 4-H Club

  • Health & Safety Speaking Contest – Senior Individual – Clock Trophy Winner

Nat Richmond, Oak Grove Explorers 4-H Club

  • Magic of Electricity – Outstanding of the Day

Savannah Disbrow, Backyard Gang 4-H Club

  • Companion Animals – Cat 1 – Outstanding of the Day

Levi Reynolds, Barlow Buckeyes 4-H Club

  • Fishing for the Intermediate – Clock Trophy Winner

Ohio 4-H Planning Guide for in-person Meetings & Events

The complete document is located on the Ohio 4-H webpage at: https://ohio4h.org/sites/ohio4h/files/imce/Families/Ohio%204-H%20Planning%20Guide%20for%20In-person%20Meeting_Feb%205%20Final.pdf

As of February 5, 2021 the guidelines were slightly revised regarding face coverings.

Here is an overview of the guidelines:

  • Hosting virtual meetings and events is preferred.
  • If activities are critical/essential and are in-person, they must be focused on education.
  • Group cannot be larger than 50 people, including adults, youth, presenters,etc.
    • This directive is dependent on local health department advisories.
    • The group size may need to be reduced to 10 (or other amount), based on the directives from your local health department.
  • Face masks are required.
    • This includes inside AND outside at all times.
    • If a gaiter is worn, the CDC recommends it be folded to make two layers. Bandanas are not recommended as a face covering.
    • Program participants age five and older, and parent/guardians must wear a mask.
    • The exception is shooting sports where safety is a concern when on the line. Refer to the section below on additional shooting sports guidance.
    • Medical conditions or disability exceptions are also permitted.
  • Potlucks and buffets are not permitted.
  • Participants may bring snacks and drinks for themselves.

Current Guidance on 4-H Club Meetings

In-person Meetings and Events Guidance and Requirements

As we begin the new year, the Ohio 4-H Planning Guide for In-Person Meetings & Events has been updated to reflect current guidance from Ohio State University and health officials. Beginning SATURDAY, JANUARY 16, 2021, the following is in effect:

  • Hosting virtual meetings and events is preferred
  • If activities are critical/essential and are in-person, they must be education-focused
  • Group cannot be larger than 50 people, including adults, youth, presenters, etc.
  • This directive is dependent on local health department guidelines.
  • The group size may need to be reduced to 10 (or other amount), based on directives from your local health department.
  • Face masks are required inside and outside at all times
  • Potlucks and buffets are not permitted

Find details and updated guidelines at  Ohio 4-H Planning Guide for In-Person Meetings & Events

Free Teen Leadership Training (Career Readiness) for Youth Ages 13-18 – Reg Due Jan 24

On behalf of the Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council, we would like to introduce you to the 2021 Take the Leap Year Program. Thanks to the Ohio 4-H Foundation Board, Take the Leap Year is a teen-led, five-month free program available to Ohio 4-H Teens ages 13-18. Our goal is to help teens from Ohio gain leadership skills, career development skills, and learn how to establish and maintain goals. They will learn these skills through programming, journaling, and working with their peers.

Registration is now open at go.osu.edu/taketheleap and due January 24, 2021.

More information about the program:

We will be meeting virtually on the third Wednesday of each month February-May. There will be two meetings in June, with one on the second Wednesday of the month and on the fourth Wednesday. These workshops will be held in the evening. Each session will have different themes taught by teen leaders. Prior to beginning in February, registered participants will receive a package in the mail with supplies for the program.

Below are the following plans with the corresponding months:

  • February: This meeting will be an introduction to the program. Throughout the program, we are challenging teens to pick one word to apply to all aspects of their life. This word can help them reach their goals.
  • March: Working with teens to develop a 5-year plan to help them determine what they would like to accomplish in the near future.
  • April: Teens will learn professionalism skills that will benefit them in their later careers. They will learn about resume building, elevator pitches, business cards, and much more!
  • May: Participants will learn about state opportunities within the Ohio 4-H program.
  • June (2nd Wednesday): Q& A with 4-H alumni and the opportunity to learn about several career paths.
  • June (4th Wednesday): Closing Ceremony


State Achievement Form Workshop – Nov 14

On November 14, 2020, Teen Leadership Council will be hosting their second Achievement Form Workshop on Zoom from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

This workshop is specifically for those teens who have already started/previously completed their Achievement Record Form and would like feedback. Teens who RSVP will receive individualized coaching from individuals who are experienced and have had success in submitting their Achievement Record at the state level.

Those interested in attending should RSVP at go.osu.edu/AchForm2020

Ohio 4-H Foundation Facebook Page 

We look forward to connecting with 4-H friends, alumni, and supporters.  The Ohio 4-H Foundation invites you to join in and “like” the new page.  Please share it with your circles! This is National 4-H Week and Thursday is 4-H spirit day.  A great day to share the new page with others!  If you have Facebook, please invite others to join at: https://www.facebook.com/OH4HFoundation/