Last Educational Equine Session

The Washington County Saddle Horse committee will host their last Educational Equine Session on Thursday July 18, 2019 from 630pm to 830pm.  The session will be held at the Washington County Fair Horse Arena.  Members who are exhibiting at the Washington County Fair are required to attend one session.  This session is an open workout session for members to practice different classes that they may participate in at the fair.  Members are encouraged to bring horses.  This will also be the last session where we will show the Horse Safety and Ethics Videos which are also required to show.  For more information contact the Extension Office at 740-376-7431

Educational Horse Equine Session Reminder

June 25, 2019 is the second Educational Equine session offered to 4-H Horse members at 6:30PM.  Each member exhibiting horses at County Fair are required to attend one session.  The June 25th session will feature trail obstacle courses, rider etiquette and ground roping.  Ground Roping session will be held by Troy Smith.  Plan to bring your own ropes.  The Horse Safety Video will be shown for members still needing that training.

PAS Show At Hartford Fairgrounds

Are you in need of a PAS qualifying show, please know that Licking County will continue to accept  members for this Saturday’s show at the Hartford Fairgrounds in Croton! We’re thankful to be able to show indoor or outdoor, depending upon the weather, and will happily accommodate those who are unable to compete at their home shows due to flooding and such…


Call the extension office to have your PAS form completed for Out of County Participation.  PAS entries for qualifiers for state fair are due July 3, 2019


2019 Licking County OUT OF COUNTY PACKET

Educational Equine Session #2

The Saddle Horse Committee of Washington County will be hosting it’s second educational equine session on Tuesday June 25, 2019.  The event will begin at 6:30pm at the horse arena at the Washington County Fair grounds.  Topics will include the Safety Video (for those members and parents who need to watch), trail obstacles, and rider etiquette.  The committee will provide pizza for the event.  It is mandatory that 4-H members participating in the Washington County Fair attend one equine session.  The last session date is scheduled for July 18.

Horse Project Deadlines & County Fair Arena Use

Several of the forms for the horse project are due to the Extension Office by Friday, May  31 at 4:30 pm. This includes:

  • horse lease form
  • safety video form
  • horse project animal declaration form
  • required immunizations form
  • PAS Ohio State Fair qualifiers entry form
  • PAS form for youth attending other counties to qualify
  • horse identification form

These form can be found in the 2019 horse packet. It can be found on our web page at:

Forms to register for the Washington County Fair will be due July 26. This includes:

  • Horse Stall Reservations
  • Horse Show Entry Form

Washington County Fairgrounds – Permission to Use and Ride

The fairboard is asking 4-H & FFA horse families to make an appointment to ride at the fairgrounds. Please call Debbie Tornes at 740. 516.1182 and give her as much notice as possible. If Debbie cannot reached, contact Fred Boyd at 740-516-3175. The arena will be locked due to safety and liability.