Hervida is Hiring Summer Camp Cooks

Summer Camp Cooks Needed! ☀️ Are you looking for a short term summer job?
June 27-July 1 Washington County Junior Camp
July 5 Washington County Cloverbud Camp
July 6-7 Washington County Beginner Camp
July 11-15 Morgan County 4-H Camp
July 17-21 Washington County Senior Camp
These are Paid Positions. Please contact Jane Lennox asap if available. Call 740-568-8044

Special Needs Camp Opportunity

Camp Dates: June 17 – 19, 2022

If you would like more information about attending or supporting Special Needs Camp at Canter’s Cave 4-H Camp, please contact Michelle Stumbo, Camp Program Director, at 740-691-6010 or Stumbo.5@osu.edu.

“4-H is for everyone,” but sometimes accessibility issues deny youth with unique abilities the opportunity to attend camp. In Ohio, a statewide 4-H camp is held at Canter’s Cave 4-H Camp in Jackson, Ohio for young people who have needs that cannot be accommodated for in a traditional camp and their caregivers. Being a typical kid is what Camp is all about and it is no different for youth with special needs. Our goal is to give Campers a true experience of Camp while meeting their needs and letting them set their own pace for fun and success!

Some youth need the availability of a camp that can accommodate their varying medical, physical, and emotional needs.  Ohio 4-H Special Needs Camp is designed with these young people in mind and is tailored to their needs.  It gives youth a chance to try new things in a safe environment while building relationships.  When campers and caregivers were asked about the Camp, 100% of those surveyed stated that they want to return next year and one caregiver stated, “Everyone helps all the kids have a great time.  No one is left out.”  Campers feel the same way – one Camper listed their favorite memory as, “Seeing all of the kids, staff, counselors & parents.”

The Camp allows youth to actively participate in activities such as environmental science, crafts, music therapy, outdoor education, aquatic skills, and self-reliability.  The youth, along with their caregivers, enjoy 2 nights and 2 days of camping experience that may not have been available otherwise through 4-H.

Camp webpage: https://4hcanterscave.osu.edu/home/experience-it/special-needs-camp

Registration Materials: Special Needs Camp 2022

Hervida Chicken BBQ – Volunteers Needed – May 7

Please come support the Chicken BBQ Dinner at Hervida on Saturday, May 7. Meal served 5:00 to 7:00pm. Dinners will be available for eat-in or carry-out.

This is also a great opportunity to volunteer for camp by serving, clearing tables, or donating a dessert! Donations for the Country Store are always welcome!!

Here is a link to make a dessert, donate items for the country store, cut & keep desserts stocked, serve & stock beverages, clear tables & wipe trays, run dishwasher, or prepare carry-out meals.


Meal costs will be $10 for quarter a chicken and $15 for half a chicken.

Funds Available to attend Forestry-Wildlife Camp

Who Can Come? 
This camp is for all youth ages 12 – 18
How to Apply by March 21
4-H members can write a short paragraph (200 words or less) about “Why You Would Like to Attend Forestry-Wildlife Camp”. Mail or email the paragraph to zimmer.2@osu.edu or mail it to the OSU Extension Office, 1115 Gilman Ave, Marietta, OH 45750 by March 21.
Fees and Expenses 
The Washington County 4-H Advisory Committee has budgeted funds for a minimum of 3 youth to attend. Participants will pay 20% ($11 or $21) of the registration fee depending upon when the member registers.
Camp Information

Gallia County is excited to offer the 2022 Forestry – Wildlife Camp at Canter’s Cave 4-H Camp again this year. This is the fourth year for this unique camp, which specializes in environmental education! Camp participants will get to try new and exciting challenges, learn about and appreciate the natural world around them, while meeting experts in the field of Forestry and Wildlife Conservation.

So what will my camper get to do? Here is just a short list from our agenda!
• Tree I.D. Hike
• Fishing
• Radio Telemetry
• Wilderness Survival Techniques
• Sawmill & Tree Felling Demos
• Tree Climbing
• Wildlife Identification
• Hunting and Trapping Techniques
• Shooting Sports Activities
• Boating
• Campfire
• Evening activities
• Outdoor cooking
• Nature Crafts
Dates & Times Camp
Friday, April 22, check-in is from 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM please do not arrive before 7 PM and please plan to eat dinner before your arrival. We will be cooking our evening snack around the campfire so please be sure to list any food allergies on the health forms.
Camp will dismiss on Sunday, April 24 at 11:30am.
Health & Safety
A medical professional is on duty 24 hours a day in case of illness or injury. Each participant must bring completed health forms with them to camp. These must be completed, signed by a parent or guardian. All medications must be checked in with the camp nurse in the original container, regardless of whether it is a prescription or over-the-counter medication. Accident insurance is included in the camp fee. Temperatures will be taken at check-in and anyone running a high fever will be referred to the camp nurse.
Camp Location & Information Canters Cave is located about 6 miles northwest of Jackson on Rt. 35. Turn at the Canter’s Cave sign and continue about 1 mile. The camp entrance will be on your left.

Thank You Marietta Welfare League

The Marietta Welfare League has provided $400 in grant funds so we can build a Carpet Ball Table for Hervida 4-H Camp! This will be a great addition to our summer camps and lots of FUN!

The Marietta Welfare League provides grants to many local non-profits. The Marietta Welfare League was founded in 1926 with the purpose to encourage members to become active in the civic and social life of the community. In the past 94 years, more than 3,000 women have volunteered more than ONE MILLION hours of service to Washington County, Ohio!

The funds are generate from The League Shop (Coffee, Food, Gifts) located in the Marietta Memorial Hospital.

Hervida to be Featured at Marietta Ice Festival

4-H Camp Hervida will be celebrating 100 years of camping in 2022. To kick-off this celebration we invite you to visit the Hervida Ice Sculpture at the Mariette Ice Festival this Saturday!
Please stop by Peddler of Dreams Art Space for Kids 270 Front St on Saturday, January 15 and see the Hervida Ice Sculpture!
Come inside for hot cocoa, a s’mores bar and free art activities for kids! Learn about Camp Hervida and all it has to offer. Meet some 4-H camp counselors who can share their amazing experiences and memories about camp with your child.

4-H Camp Counselor Applications – Time to Apply

4-H OPPORTUNITY: 4-H Camp Counselor

DEADLINE: Applications are due to the OSU Extension Office no later than March 4, 2022 by 4:00pm.

Online Application: https://go.osu.edu/washcampcounselor


The 4-H Camp Counselors are a group of teens/young adults selected to assist in being responsible for campers ages 6-15 during 4-H camp. Roles and Responsibilities of 4-H Camp Counselors include:

  • Attend required trainings prior to camp
  • Market and promote camp
  • Serve in a leadership and teaching role to other counselors
  • Serve on committees or other groups to plan programs at camp
  • Conduct self in an appropriate manner before, during, and after camp while serving as a role model to campers and peers
  • Assist staff and other counselors with camp activities; work as a team to implement the activities
  • Know and understand all safety guidelines, including emergency procedures, associated with the camp and program areas
  • Follow and enforce camp rules
  • Assure for safety of campers at all times including in cabins, sessions, and large group activities
  • Be aware of child protection regulations and report any child abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect in accordance with university policy
  • Identify and respond to camper behavior issues
  • Ensure campers’ health and hygiene, e.g., brushing teeth, eating meals, taking medication, etc.
  • Promote camper participation during camp
  • Lead and supervise campers in activities at camp including but not limited to songs, teambuilding challenges, group activities, challenges, etc.
  • Teach and lead campers at workshops or during other components at camp (table setting, song leading, etc.)
  • Mentor and give guidance to campers to encourage positive youth development and enhancement of life skills


  • Must be at least 14 years old by the start of camp.
  • Must be able to get transportation to meetings and events as needed.
  • Must complete a minimum of 12 hours of training. (2 of these hours must be on-sight for first time counselors).
  • Must complete Child Abuse Awareness training.
  • Must Sign Standards of Behaviors, complete the Code of Conduct form, and have a current Ohio 4-H Health History form on file.
  • First time applicants must provide two references, attend assessment, and complete an interview (during counselor assessment as a group).
  • If the individual is 18+ year old at least two months prior to camp, the individual must have their background check conducted.


  • Individuals who complete the application and fulfill application requirements will be contacted regarding the selection process.


Please see the attached document for dates and times of assessment, interviews, and counselor trainings. Please note, the majority of trainings are held on Sunday afternoons again this year.

Counselors are expected to notify the Camp Director or Extension Office if an absence is unavoidable.


  • Complete the application in its entirety.
  • Provide reference link to two non-family members. (First Time Applicants Only) https://go.osu.edu/counselorreference
  • Read the Standards of Behavior, Camp Counselor Code of Conduct, and Cell Phone Policy forms and acknowledge that read you them on the application.
  • Submit application by March 4, 4:00pm.

4-H Camp Counselor Training Dates, Camp Dates & Registration Fees

POSITION:           2022 4-H Camp Counselor

LOCATION:          Hervida 4-H Camp, Waterford, Ohio



Sunday, March 20         3:00-5:00 PM        1st & 2nd Year Counselor Assessment & Interviews

(Interviews completed as a group during assessment)                Extension Office

Sunday, April 10            3:30-5:30 PM          Counselor Training                                              Extension Office

Sunday, April 24            3:30-5:00 PM          Counselor Training                                             Extension Office

Sunday, May 15             3:30-5:00 PM          Counselor Training                                             Extension Office

June 1 – 2                        TBD                           Counselor’s Camp                                                Hervida

Sunday, June 19             3:30-5:00 PM          Counselor Training                                            Extension Office

Tuesday, June 21           5:00-7:00 PM         Counselor Training                                            Extension Office



Counselor Camp at Camp Hervida                  June 1-2                TBD                                                                    No Charge

Space Adventure Camp at Marietta College  June 14-16           (Counselors’ Training – TBD)                        No Charge

Junior Camp at Camp Hervida                         June 27-July 1      (Counselors Arrive Sun. Evening)              $40

Cloverbud Day Camp at Camp Hervida          July 5                     (Counselors Arrive day of)                             No Charge

Beginner Camp at Camp Hervida                    July 6-7                  (Counselors Stay After Cloverbud Camp)    $20

Senior Camp at Camp Hervida                        July 17-21             (Counselors Arrive Sun. Evening)                    $40 (Cost same whether

Counselor or Campselor)

Day Camp at County Fairgrounds               July 22                  (Counselor Arrive day of)                             No Charge


DESCRIPTION:  Immediate openings available for older youth wishing to be involved in the 2020 4-H camping program.  Responsibilities include serving on at least one committee to plan and implement specific portions of a camp’s program; assisting in morning classes; and assignment to a cabin providing round-the-clock care for the campers living in that cabin.  Position reports directly to the Camp Director; with supervision by total camp staff.

REQUIREMENTS:  Candidates must be at least 14 years old by the start of camp and enjoy working with young children.  Selection based upon application, advisor and other adult recommendations, assessment station scores, interview, and previous leadership and camping experiences.  Candidates must satisfactorily complete the counselor training program, including an interview.

BENEFITS:  Develop leadership skills, gain self-confidence, assist in personal development of younger 4-H members, meet new friends, and reduced camp fee.


Martha Webster, Camp Director                                                                 PHONE:  (740) 376–7431

               OSU Extension – Washington County                                                         Cell: 740-350-7585

1115 Gilman Avenue

Marietta, OH  45750