June 1 – Market Goat, Market Lamb, Dairy Feeder Steer Tag-in

Required Tag-in for Market Lambs, Market Goats, Dairy Feeder Steers will be Saturday, June 1 from 7—9:00 am at the Washington County Fairgrounds. Watch for road signs to indicate lineup locations.

Time: 7-9 am

All Market Goats & Market Lambs must have a Scrapie Tag in the ear by the June 1 tag-in. The Scrapie Tag should be put in by the breeder or where you purchased your animals.

Blue Breed Verification Cards Required for Dairy Feeder Steers – due June 1 – must be signed by dairy farmer where purchased in Ohio and include the ODA Producer number. Cards are available from the OSU Extension Office, your advisor or printed here: Dairy Feeder Breed Verification Blue Card 2024

Dehorning and castration must be done prior to tag-in. The Fair Vet – Dr Lowe will be checking animals during tag-in but WILL NOT be castrating or dehorning animals at tag-in. If this is not done to the Vet’s satisfaction, the animal will not be tagged.