Bean Ride/Camp Hervida Equine Trail Challenge

Bean Ride/Camp Hervida Equine Trail Challenge

September 17th at noon

At the Bean Ride – 34546 Atherton Road, Mackburg

$10 entry per rider/equine

All money goes to Camp Hervida

3 judges

½ hour to complete course – If you choose to do 1 obstacle that is all you will be judged on and the rest marked zero

Each obstacle will have a 5 point scale and be judged by 3 judges

0 is no effort or complete refusal of the obstacle

5 is the obstacle completed with style

Adults are 18 and up

Youth 17 and under

Belt buckles for 1st place both divisions

Participation prize for youth

There will be tie breaker obstacles if needed

Belt buckles sponsored by McCoy Farms

No aggressive behavior towards your animal

Youth will not do the tie challenge in their first ride

It will be the tie breaker