Contacting Livestock Sale Buyers

Connecting with buyers prior to the fair is an important part of selling your animal at local fairs. Here are a few quotes from some of your local peers how they connect with buyers and encourage them to attend our sales.

  •     “I would start this process by creating a flyer stating my name, age, market animal(s), fair and sale information, and a little more about myself. I then would go out to local businesses and hand out the flyers and invite them to the sale. I would also contact past buyers and invite them back to the sale.”
  •     “I have always delivered “buyer flyers” which includes a little bit about me and my animal. I make sure to include the time of the sale and where it’s at. I put a picture of my animals and me on the front of the flyer. Then I deliver them to potential buyers.”
  •     I am planning to show and sell my lambs at the local fair. I will drop off letters and talk to potential buyers inviting them to the fair.”
  •     I would contact potential buyers for my market animal by going to businesses and informing the buyers about my projects. I would give them a firm handshake and include a flyer that includes the date and times of the sale.”

Let’s walk through some basics on contacting buyers by reviewing the How, Who, What and Tips to Consider.

How: Personal Invitation with Buyers:

  •     Face to Face Visits
  •     Letters
  •     Cards
  •     Phone Call
  •     Email (used for follow-up)
  •     Social Media (used for follow-up)

Who: Make a list of potential buyers your family has contact with or does business with:

  •     Stores and businesses your family patronizes
  •     Family members/friends of the family
  •     Find out who has bought in the past
  •     Try to invite TWO new buyers each year
  •     Give new buyer name/address to the OSU Extension Office to receive an Official Invitation to the sale with entry pass

What: Put together an invitation to the sale

  •     Provide information about you, your parents and your project
  •     Ask them to “support the sale” not to “purchase your animal”
  •     Include pictures if possible

Tips to Consider:

  •     It’s the BID and not the buy that counts! It takes 3-4 buyers to bid on your animal. Obtaining one buyer isn’t enough!
  •     After you have sold your animal, do not ask to buy it back from the buyer!
  •     Personally thank your buyer and those that bid
  •     Buyer’s Gifts – Rather than providing gifts to buyers, we encourage you visit the buyer’s place of business or mail them a thank you card after the sale. Buyers appreciate your thoughtfulness, but they can be overwhelmed with gifts during the sale and trying to transport them home.