Livestock Quality Assurance Handouts

Our fair Vet Dr. Phil Lowe helped us develop some Preventative Health Recommendation for Animals. Learn about recommended vaccinations and parasite control. This was mentioned in this week’s Livestock Quality Assurance Training: 2020 Health Recommendations – LOWE

My Feed Practices Check-up – Review this check-list and see how you are doing with feed storage, feed knowledge and feeding practices: My Feed Practices Check-Up

2021 Livestock Factsheets – new to livestock projects or are you taking a new project this year? Check out these Livestock Factsheets and learn more about the project expectations. Click on these links to download the factsheets you need:

Breeding Livestock/Fancy Poultry Market Goat
Market Chickens Market Hog
Market Dairy Goat Market Lamb
Dairy Feeder Steer Market Steer
Market Ducks Market Rabbits
Feeder Calves Market Turkeys