Bulls-Eye 4-H Club 2021 Spring Session Details

The spring session will be offered although in a new way! Registration is limited due to Ohio 4-H Guidelines for in-person meetings during the pandemic to insure the health and safety of all involved. Be sure to read all of the following details!

  1. Walk-in registration is NOT permitted. Advance registration is required using Signup Genius, an online software tool. The link to access the sign up will be made public at 10am, Thursday, March 25 on the county’s 4-H Blog at https://u.osu.edu/washington4h/
  2. Youth must be 9 years old as of January 1, 2021 and not older than 19 by December 31, 2021.
  3. Sunday meeting dates are from 2-4pm on April 18, April 25 and May 2 at Hervida 4-H Camp, Waterford, Ohio. If a child cannot make all three meeting dates, they should wait and participate in a later session.
  4. Youth participate in only one discipline choosing from archery, rifle and air pistol. For air pistol, youth must be 10 years old by January 1, 2021. Archery and rifle have no requirements. All ages and skill levels participate together for each discipline. All shooting equipment is provided and will not be shared.
  5. Face masks are required. This includes wearing masks inside and outside at all times by everyone except where safety is a concern on the firing line. Archery must fully remove their mask when shooting. Other disciplines may remove their mask as long as the 6 feet minimum distance is maintained. If a child is not to remove their mask, they should wait and participate in a later session.
  6. $5 dues with completed enrollment, health, and release forms must be turned in at the first meeting.
  7. Family members/drivers must wait in their vehicle or drop-off members and return for pickup. This is necessary in order to follow the maximum group size at each range and social distancing guidelines.
  8. Participants stay at their discipline’s range during each meeting. No large group club meeting or refreshments. Range Captains will present club business at ranges.

Please check the dates for the child’s availability. Then discuss the discipline preference to be ready to sign up! For general shooting sports program information, go to: http://go.osu.edu/ssports. If you have any questions, please call Brian Baker at 740-350-8155 or Teresa Stone at 740-473-1373 or 740-525-4980 (text only).