New Livestock Buyer Names & Addresses Needed

It is time to turn in new livestock sale buyer names for the Waterford, County Fair and Barlow Sales! Please call the name, mailing address, phone number and email of NEW BUYERS to the Extension Office  to have a new buyer’s packet mailed directly to them.

Previous Year Buyers and those registered at a sale will automatically receive a Buyer’s Packet in the mail.

Just a recap on contacting buyers:

  • Personal invitations with buyers are best
    • Face to Face Visits
    • Letters
    • Cards
    • Follow-up Phone Call
  • Make a list of potential buyers your family has contact with or does business with
    • Stores & businesses your family patronizes
    • Family members/friends of the family
    • Find out who has bought in the past
    • Invite at least TWO new buyers
  • Put together an invitation to the sale
    • Provide information about you, your parents and your project
    • Ask them to “support the sale” not to “purchase your animal”
    • Include pictures if possible