4-H Project Books – How to Get Yours

  • Download for Free
  • Buy Books Online (Free shipping or 20% off)
  • Make your Own Self-Determined Project
  • Print a Washington Co 4-H Livestock Record Book

Download for free

A special collection of project books is available for free on the Perfect Stay-at-Home Projects web page. Click on the book you want, and when the file opens on your screen, save or print it from there.

  • Discovering 4-H (91)
  • Sew Fun (409)
  • My Favorite Things (496)
  • The Writer in You (588)
  • Get Started in Art (592)
  • Family History Treasure Hunt (442)
  • Let’s Start Cooking (459)
  • Yeast Breads on the Rise (462)
  • Racing the Clock to Awesome Meals (485)
  • Your Thoughts Matter (359)
  • The Laundry Project (405)
  • It’s My Home (491)
  • Leadership Road Trip (375)
  • Pantry Panic (376)
  • Explore the Outdoors (611)
  • Ohio Birds (621)
  • Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry (493)
  • Not Just Knots (540)
  • Horseless Horse (173)
  • Science Fun with Physics (500)

 Buy online

If you would like to buy a print copy of a Perfect Stay-at-Home project or any other project book, you can order directly from extensionpubs.osu.edu with one of these special discounts for Ohio residents: FREE2020 (for free shipping) OR 20IN2020 (20% off the entire order). Use the coupon that works best for you. Orders can be shipped directly to a person’s home as long as it is an Ohio address.

Please review your order carefully. Extension Publishing is unable to take returns. There is no restriction on the number of times a coupon can be used. See printable ordering instructions HERE.

Make your Own Self-Determined Project

If you would rather not purchase a book in this way, self-determined projects are an excellent choice for self-motivated members eager to get started by creating their own projects. Although self-determined projects may be better suited for older 4-H members, they are available for any member and are often based on idea starters already available online. Many of the idea starters are great stay-at-home projects too, for example, Music, Bats, String Art, Climate Change, American Sign Language, etc. Our extraordinary educators are even preparing one called My Stay-at-Home Summer! (For project judging, self-determined projects are judged in self-determined categories.)

Print a Washington County 4-H Livestock Record Book

Please keep in mind this book is ONLY for 2nd Year Projects and Beyond. If this is your second year or beyond taking a market project or breeding project, then you can use this county record book. You will need one Livestock Record Book for each project (not animal) you are raising. If this is your first year taking a market project or breeding project, then you will need to buy the appropriate record book from extensionpubs.osu.edu 

You can download and print the Washington County 4-H Livestock Record Book as a printable pdf or fillable pdf at https://go.osu.edu/washjudging