Learn How to Build a 4-H Club Website

We have some exciting plans in the works for youth to learn how to build club websites! Please read this article and contact John Smith to be involved.

Is there Interest in SPecial INtrest?

The Awesome Robotics Club has voted to build a club website.  The goal is to provide better club communications, promote our club, recruit new members, and gain increased exposure of our activities to the local community.  Are other clubs interested in this as well?  To prepare ourselves, we are putting together an eight session SPIN course;

Designing and Building a Simple 4-H Club Web Site.

Each session would be approximately one hour long and be held on-line.  As a part of the 4-H Youth Development offerings, the course would be available to members, advisors and parents.  The classes will discuss;

  • what information or “content” we want on the web
  • how to organize the text and visual content into structured documents and pages using HyperText Markup Language (HTML),
  • how to format and present the content using simple Cascading Style Sheets, (CSS)
  • how to select and register domain names
  • how to choose a web hosting service based on their capabilities and your needs
  • a look “under the hood” of the hardware, software, editors, protocols, and acronyms that make up the WWW.
  • Conversely, the course will not cover Javascript which is the third important component of interactive web pages which supports activities like filling out forms and making purchases.
  • Attendees will not leave as webmasters but they will have a start down that path.

We are asking several questions to help craft the SPIN but also to determine if the interest in having club web sites is sufficient to pursue support and investment of the effort at the county level.

  1. Does your club think having a county-wide 4-H web site would be a good idea?
  2. Would your club be committed to producing content, at least annually – think news reporting.
  3. Who is interested in attending this SPIN course?

Please contact advisor John Smith at jsmith@smithspace.org.  More details of the SPIN Club will be shared as a schedule is developed as well as how to sign-up for the sessions.