Livestock Project Update & Resources

March 23 Update

Do you need help with your 4-H Livestock Questions?

OSU Extension livestock project factsheets are located on the Extension website at:

You can also get help regarding rules in the Jr Fair Guide:

Project books: Are you working on completing your 4-H Enrollment Form and need a list of livestock project numbers? Well, here they are:

Market Projects

  • Market Steers—117M
  • Feeder Calf Heifers/Steers—117BF
  • Dairy Feeder Steer—117DF
  • Market Goats—135M
  • Market Dairy Goats—135M
  • Market Hogs—139
  • Market Chickens—150CM
  • Market Turkeys—150TM
  • Market Ducks—150DM
  • Market Lambs—198
  • Market Rabbits—226

Breeding Projects

  • Beef Breeding—117B
  • Dairy Heifers—122
  • Dairy Cows—126
  • Goat Breeding-Dairy—135BD
  • Goat Breeding-Meat—135BM
  • Goats-Fiber—135F
  • Goats-Pygmy—135PY
  • Goats-Companion—135C
  • Swine Breeding—140
  • Chicken Exhibition—150CE
  • Chicken Egg Production, Hens, Pullet—150CEP
  • Duck Exhibition—150DE
  • Goose Exhibition—150GE
  • Turkey Exhibition—150TE
  • Helmeted Guinea Fowl—150H
  • Sheep Breeding—199
  • Breeding Rabbits—225
  • Ohio 4-H Project Central

4-H Enrollment Form for printing:

Record Keeping – maybe you don’t have your project books yet to keep your records, but you can always jot down your notes and add them to a project book later. You should be setting learning goals, recording livestock inventory, keeping feed tags, feed receipts, noting how much you are feeding, tracking growth/animal weights and management notes.

All 4-H Project Books – can be found and previewed

Stockshow Classroom: Click here for some online Pigs, Steer, Lambs, Goats