Friend of 4-H Award: Ohio State Highway Patrol – Marietta Post

CARTEENS was established in 2003 for 4-H teen leaders to teach youth traffic offenders in the county about the safety and rules of the road.  The Ohio State Highway Patrol has partnered with our teens to ensure that first time teen traffic offenders create better driving habits.  Each month the Marietta Post sends a trooper to our CARTEEN session and present on such topics as speeding, texting and driving, curfew, as well as answer any questions about the laws in the State of Ohio.  There have been many troopers who attend the sessions to speak to our participants.  These troopers work along side our CARTEEN presenters and even share personal stories with each group to make an impact on teen drivers.

Teens that have completed the classes have commented on the troopers with statements like: “I liked talking with the trooper the most”, and “The thing I liked most was the trooper was cool and laid back, he didn’t lecture us”, and “The trooper was funny, yet serious”.  Troopers: Thank you for providing the positive attitude and leadership for our CARTEENS programs.