Business Friend of 4-H Award: Darlene’s Ceramics

Darlene Phillips has been a part of the Washington County 4-H camping program for over 2 decades. She has supplied the ceramics for camps, including Beginner, Junior, and Senior camps for Washington county 4-H youth and Women’s camp. Every year she delivers the ceramics then teaches 1-3 classes a day, for three days, with the campers. Not only does she volunteer her time with the three youth camps, she also helps the campers complete their projects throughout the week. She works with the kids to make sure they achieve their best result and often will assist in finishing the projects by painting beautiful eyes or designs onto the ceramics.

She goes above and beyond by always asking what the camp theme will be and bringing pieces that could fit within that theme. She is always kind to the campers, counselors, and staff. By supplying the ceramics and helping the campers paint, she is offering an activity that most of these kids would otherwise not have the opportunity to do. She creates amazing pieces and always offers a wide variety of paints and brushes as well as painting techniques to encourage the campers to create a unique piece. Darlene, thank you for your many years of dedication to the camping program.