Two More Reasons to Apply for 4-H Trip Awards

Staying at Marietta College for Space Camp is a memory I will always treasure! We got to go into the planetarium and got to learn in some of the college classrooms. We got to see what it was like to drive a plane and got to see Jupiter with our own eyes. Staying in the dorms and seeing what it was like to go to Marietta College was amazing. Learning and having fun at the same time is exactly what Space Camp is all about! I made so many new friends and saw some of my friends from school. This is an experience that will last a lifetime!

Taylor Starkey (2019 Attendee)

Thank you for the scholarship to go to Senior Shooting Sports Camp. I had so much fun there. I love meeting new friends everywhere I go. In the evenings we participated in team building activities, shot different types of guns, and lethal impact. My favorite part was shooting a 50 caliber rifle. It’s the largest rifle a civilian can own. The boom was really loud, they even let me keep the casing. The rifle was equipped with large springs to absorb the recoil. The stand was part of the rifle as it is too heavy to stand and hold. That was the most exciting part of the camp. I highly recommend this camp to others. There is never a dull moment, we are busy from sunrise until sunset has passed. Thank you for the opportunity to attend shooting sports camp.

Taylor Haines (2019 Attendee)

Trip award applications are due: October 14