Is Your Club Hosting Food Stand or Food Service Activity?

Please keep in mind when Ohio 4-H Volunteers are providing leadership to the on-site preparation and service of food, for sale or giving away (not including carry-in, covered dish, pot-luck dinners, or bake sales) will have completed the Safe Food Handling for the Occasional Quantity Cook training or an equivalent educational opportunity, prior to engaging in the food preparation or service.

All events or activities involving food preparation or service will have a volunteer(s) or paid staff member(s) providing primary leadership who is/are onsite for the entire event or activity.

When required, secure licensing from all appropriate agencies (contact county Health Department) and follow acceptable food preparation and service guidelines.

Here is a link to OSU Extension’s Occasional Quantity Cooks Volunteer Training: Directions – New Occasional Quantity Cooks Volunteer Training – May 2017 CFAES Canvas

The training is good for 3 year before renewal is needed.