Please Help our Nebraska Farmers

I’m sure you have seen the devastation that has occurred in the mid-west due to flooding in the last month or so. The farmers and ranchers have suffered many losses and it will take years for them to rebuild. As a small farmer myself, I have been asking myself how I can help. As a community service project , I would like to do a money drive to send as relief for the farmers and ranchers that suffered flood damage and lost everything in Nebraska. The organization I would like to use is the Nebraska Cattlemen Disaster Relief Fund. Through research I have learned that they work to assist cattle producers that have been impacted by natural disasters. 100% of the funds received go to the cattlemen affected (

I will be doing a fund drive at Fort Frye High School and asking local FFA Chapters to join me in my efforts and complete a fund drive as well. I would like to get our 4-H families involved as well. The drive will last until May 15th. 4-H Extension Educator, Bruce Zimmer will by my adult person to assist me in counting the money with me and sign-off in a record book for this community service project. At the end of my fund drive (if there are cash donations) I will purchase a money order to send to the Nebraska Cattlemen Disaster Relief Fund. This is at the direction of the Citizen’s Bank Co. in Beverly, OH.

Thank a farmer by donating in part of a relief effort for Nebraska farmers suffering from flood damage. To donate, checks can be made payable directly to Nebraska Cattlemen’s Disaster Relief Fund. All funds will be tracked and recorded in a service ledger. One money order will then be purchased and forwarded to them.

Thank You for your Consideration to help America’s Farmers,

Connor Tullius


Please send donations by May 15th to Connor and make checks payable to Nebraska Cattlemen’s Disaster Relief Fund

Connor Tullius

113 Hupp Rd.

Beverly, OH 45715

● $400 million estimated in livestock damage
● $440 million estimated in crop damage
● Nebraska is ranked 1st in beef production
● 91% of Nebraska is farmland