Horse Educational Equine Session #2

The Saddle Horse Committee of Washington County will be holding its second Horse Educational Equine session on Tuesday June 26, 2018 from 6:30 to 8:30 at the horse arena at the Washington County Fair.  This session will feature our guest speaker Megan Sparks.  Megan will also be available for private work sessions for those members who are interested.  The cost for private sessions is $30 for 30minutes or $45 for an hour.  She will be available on Monday June 25 from 4pm to 7pm, Tuesday June 26 from 12noon to 3pm, and Wednesday June 27 from 10am to 2pm.  For more information you may contact a saddle horse committee member or

Ohio Horseman Council Contesting Show

The Ohio Horseman Council of Washington County is holding a Contesting horse show for all ages on June 30th at the Barlow Fairgrounds.  Registration begins at 9am and the show starts at 10am.  Entry fee is $2 a event, with about 35 events scheduled.  There will be a concession stand, a country store, and wagon rides.

State Achievement Awards Winner Announced

We had 8 4-Her’s that summited Ohio 4-H Achievement Award applications this past January. We are proud to announce and we would like to congratulate Caroline Stollar for being the state winner in the Ohio 4-H Achievement award for CARTEENS. Caroline is the daughter of Vince and Shelly Stollar and a member of the CARTEENS club. She won a trip to National 4-H Congress which is held in Atlanta, GA. We would also like to congratulate Tyler Hartline for being the First Alternate for Dairy and Madison Wells for being Second Alternate in Health & Wellness.
We are very proud of our Youth!


County Fair Tag-in – June 2

Required Tag-in for Market Lamb, Market Goat, Dairy Feeder Steer will be Saturday, June 2 from 8—10 am at the County Fairgrounds.

Born, Bred, & Raised Award Cards are due June 2 and must be signed and completed

Note: Dairy Feeder exhibitors must turn in the Blue Breed Verification/Breed Award card to verify the calf was purchased directly from a dairy farmer in Washington, Athens, Morgan, Monroe or Noble Counties. See Rules #18 and #25 in Jr Fair Guide for more specifics. (Due June 2)

Note: Yellow Breed Award cards for Market Goats, Market Beef and Market Lambs for Washington County Best Born & Bred (if applicable) are due June 2


Ohio Horse Owners Encouraged to Vaccinate Against WNV, EEE

The Ohio Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Health encourages horse owners to vaccinate their animals to protect against both of these vector-borne viruses. In 2017, Ohio documented 14 cases of west Nile virus (WNV) infection in horses, and more than half of these animals died. One fatal equine case of Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) virus infection was also confirmed in Ohio.

At this time of year, there is still time for a horse’s immunity to build before active mosquito season gets into full swing.  A two-shot vaccination series within a three- to six-week period may be needed if a horse has not been vaccinated in the past year, so planning ahead may prevent serious disease, and even death, in horses.

The ADDL supports veterinarians in reminding the public that the most effective way to prevent these two diseases in horses is to have the animals vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian. Additional useful actions to control the mosquito population include eliminating standing water in tires, water baths, and other sources.

The ADDL continues to provide testing for both of these viruses by serology and PCR analysis of serum and tissues. The ADDL works together with NVSL to provide serologic testing of blood samples. Please call the ADDL for more information at 614-728-6220, or visit our website test and fees search (pages 11 and 29).