BuckeyeThon Dance Marathon 2020: The Fight Against Pediatric Cancer (Service Reflection)

Although the holidays have come and gone, the season for giving truly never ends. For the second year in a row, I participated in BuckeyeThon’s Dance Marathon here at Ohio State. BuckeyeThon is the largest student-run philanthropy in the state of Ohio. With the ultimate goal of ending childhood cancer, they raise funds and awareness for the Hematology, Oncology, and BMT Unit of Columbus’s Children’s Miracle Network Hospital: Nationwide Children’s Hospital. 

BuckeyeThon hosts a variety of events throughout the year, which culminate in its signature event: the Dance Marathon, a celebration full of hope and fun for the BuckeyeThon Families, Team Members, and supporters. This year, I pledged to be a Miracle Maker and raise as much money as possible in order to help Ohio State fundraise even more for Nationwide Children’s. I ended up raising approximately $591 dollars total For The Kids! The money raised goes to a wide variety of initiatives to help the Kids, such as Art Therapy, Chemotherapy treatments, cancer research, and even tutoring sessions with teachers.

This past weekend, I joined over a few thousand other Ohio State students and families, and danced for 12 hours! I dance for the kids who cannot. Many of the families and kids who have beaten pediatric cancer were able to dance the night away with us. Although we were in such an upbeat environment, our hearts were heavy for those families who couldn’t be with us that evening because they were sleeping in the hospital. Throughout the year (and the 24 hours), we have fundraised just over $1,600,000 For The Kids! This amount brings us that much closer to helping these families fight their battles.

BuckeyeThon is one of my favorite service events of the year. I joined the small team for International Affairs Scholars to dance the night away together, as a team. Every year, this event continuously impacts me in an unspeakable way. I am given a new respect for life, a new outlook on life, as well as a little bit of perspective thrown into the stressful experience of college. This year, it broke my hard to find out that one of our own students, a young woman who lives in my building, who was diagnosed with cancer. She was not able to join us for the night, but she was truly in all of our hearts. College may be hard for us, but there are always people fighting a bigger battle than midterms.

Although this event doesn’t quite overlap with the goals and generally concepts that IA focuses on, it does impact people all over the world, not just Ohio. Cancer is an epidemic, and it is a battle that no child should have to fight. As an Honors & Scholars student, I make it a point to participate in service learning in my own community, and this is a perfect example of relevancy of service. The community impacts us, and we help to impact the community, and that is an enormous part of Buckeye pride.

Why do we dance through the night? We dance for Samuel, we dance for Ben, we dance for Lauryn, we dance for Sam, we dance for Jackson, we dance for Liam, we dance for Avalon, we dance for Carter, we dance for Corbin, we dance for Dominic, we dance for Hailey, we dance for Hayden, we dance for Jermaine, we dance for Josh, we dance for Kinley, we dance for Luke, we dance for Pax, we dance for Regan, we dance for Reid, we dance for Sean, and lastly, we dance for all of those fighting this battle like a superhero day in and day out!


For The Kids!

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