One of the groups that I am most involved with on campus is Mount Leadership Society which is the Scholars Program I am in. It is a group focused on leadership and community service. One of the big events in the school year for Mount is the MILES ceremony. This ceremony is the first year Mount class’s official admittance into the program where they sign their commitment form to uphold all of the Mount essential throughout their two year tenure as a Mountie but also throughout all their years at OSU and all their years in life. Every year, the first year’s “Mega” which is a mentor assigned to them based on similar interests and majors is the person to pin the Mount pin on their “Mini” after their formal acceptance into Mount. This is a symbol to the first year that their mentor will always be there for them to guide them through their college years and to give them support and a hand when they need. This year I got to give the Mount pin to my mini Rachel, shown ahead, and it was a really special moment. It was the beginning of her tenure as a Mountie and I know that she will love every second of this program just as I have. Also at the MILES ceremony, I got to take a picture with some of the best friends I have ever made. This group of people shown above I met because of Mount and I am so grateful for that. Mount has given me some really great and genuine friends and to be all together to pass on the legacy of service, friendship, and leadership to our minis was truly amazing.

OSU beats Penn State

Growing up in Columbus with a mom that worked at OSU, I was no stranger to OSU or the Buckeyes. I grew up wearing a Buckeyes shirt every Friday and Saturday in the fall. I went to the RPAC and hung out with all the other kids who had parents that worked at OSU that went to the football games on Saturdays. As I got older, I began to go to the games with my mom and was welcomed into the high energy and vivacious atmosphere. However, attending with my mom in assigned seat section A as nothing compared to the student section with all of my college friends. Attending the Penn State game was not only an emotional roller coaster, but it also truly showed how close my friends at OSU are to me, and how close the OSU community as a whole is. We were all high-fiving, groaning, cheering, and booing at the same times. We were hugging random people every touchdown. We were all holding our breath at the same time. That stadium was united in one common goal and one common enemy and it made me realize how much I love my school. OSU is a community, united together in our common goal of athletic superiority, academic greatness, a kind atmosphere, and in entirety, the Buckeye spirit.

Fall 2017 Semester in Review

The year of 2017 was a big one for me. I graduated high school and embarked on my first semester at the Ohio State University. Instead of focusing on the entire year of 2017 I’d like to focus specifically on my first semester at college and how it has shaped me and my future.
I was excited going into college but I don’t think I ever expected it to go the way it did. The semester had a lot of ups, a few downs, and most importantly a lot of new experiences. I came into college as a Mount Leadership Society Scholar and while I had been in contact with some of my fellow Mount Scholars over the summer, it was crazy to actually meet them in person. We moved in a week earlier than the rest of the campus in order to get to know each other and get acclimated to OSU’s huge campus and college life in general. That first week felt like a week at summer camp; we were living in dorms away from the homes and families we’d grown up with, we were living with so many other people which came from different places, backgrounds, and personalities, we were engaging in leadership training activities and going to meetings and school was the last thing on our minds. I made some amazing friends right from the beginning because of Mount and more importantly, found a community in which I belonged and could feel comfortable with. I thank Mount for what was a pretty easy adjustment to college; I wasn’t worried about making friends and meeting new people because I already had met a ton of new people and had made some great friends.
When school actually started, the summer camp aura definitely ended. Coming in as a Spanish major, I decided to add a double major in International Business. This excites me a lot as I embark on learning new things in subjects that I’m interested in. I also interviewed for a really competitive business internship through Young Entrepreneurs Across America and ended up getting the internship! This is incredibly exciting because not only will I gain invaluable experience that looks great on a resume, I also get to pursue business and see if it is something that I am really passionate about. Another success I had was getting a 4.00 GPA for my first semester in college.
There were some lows this semester, mostly with my social life, but my academic and professional successes give me a positive outlook on college life. Also, I am so lucky to have made some best friendships that I know will last a lifetime. Overall, it was a great semester that has got me looking forward not only to this next one, but to the rest of my college and professional career.


Global Awareness, Original Inquiry, Academic Enrichment, Leadership Development, and Service Engagement.

The Honors & Scholars Center at the Ohio State University focuses on what they call G.O.A.L.S which stands for Global Awareness, Original Inquiry, Academic Enrichment, Leadership Development, and Service Engagement. Not by accident is there a scholars program at OSU called Mount Leadership Society. This scholars program is one that I was accepted into upon coming into Ohio State and has greatly shaped my experience here. Mount is unlike other scholars programs in that it doesn’t focus on a specific area or areas of study and it has nothing to do with majors. Instead, it is focused on two of the letters included in G.O.A.L.S: Leadership development and Service Engagement. Through Mount we have gone through training on how to become better leaders through retreats, workshops, classes. We have learned more about our own strengths and how to apply that to leading others. The other aspect of Mount is Service Engagement. Not only do we learn more about our community and the triumphs and hardships that face it through classes and workshops, but we also experience it firsthand. Last year we did at least one large service project each month, including working with an agency of our own choice the second semester and building a service project with that agency. What I’m even more excited about though is this year, my final year in Mount. Mount second years participate in what is called a “Year of Service.” Throughout this semester and next I will be doing 70+ service hours at my chosen service site to better serve my community and learn from service. So far my volunteering at the Clintonville/Beechwold Community Resource Center has been a great learning and growing experience and I am thrilled to continue serving there throughout my sophomore year.

Other aspects of G.O.A.L.S that I fit into well is Global Awareness, Original Inquiry, and Academic Enrichment. In fact, my major is focused around the first one. As an International Business major, my goal is to work in the world market and to learn more on how to fit into the business world in a global sense and into the global community as a whole. This is aided by my other major: Spanish and my minor: Portuguese. Being trilingual is something that excites me because I gain more access to those communities who speak those languages and can connect on a deeper level with others from different countries and communities. In order to complete my major and to enrich my academic career, I am hoping to study abroad the spring of my junior year in Spain. This is truly immerse myself in another culture and to learn first hand more about what it takes to be a global citizen and to connect with the Spanish speaking community. Further along those lines, in the spirit of original inquiry, I want to know more on what it takes to be a business owner and on a global sense. By (hopefully) doing an internship this summer in Spain working for an entrepreneur, I can learn more about this field I want to go into and create plans for my own business I would like to own in the future.

In general, Mount and the Ohio State University have given me so many opportunities to grow and harness my strengths, interests, and passions and I cannot wait to continue on in my next couple of years. It is always refreshing to get a chance to reflect on my experience here and what I have learned and gained from being a scholars student at OSU.


Ward_Dana_Resume-1unpx5kYoung Entrepreneurs Across America Worthington, Ohio
Branch Manager October 2017-August 2018
• Created and managed personal business with a total revenue of $76,000
• Conceptualized and implemented business plan including a mission statement, marketing strategies, and short and long term goals
• Recruited, Interviewed, hired, trained, motivated and terminated employees
• Strategized and executed marketing skills to obtain leads through online media, flyers, signs, and door-to-door cold-calling
• Developed pricing and presented sales estimates for 110+ potential clients
• Administered quality control for each client and fulfilled customer expectations
• Processed proper payroll biweekly to ensure employees receive pay
Clever Ecommerce Madrid, Spain
Marketing Intern May 2019-July 2019
• Involved with marketing campaigns both in Europe and the United States
• Review of website and updating social media sites
Cameron Mitchell Restaurants Columbus, Ohio
Guest Services January 2017-Present
• Managed the dining room and handled to-go orders in a high speed and capacity environment
• Greeted, seated, and thanked guests to provide a pleasant customer service experience
Kumon Learning Center Upper Arlington, Ohio
Learning Instructor October 2015-January 2017
• Tutored and mentored 200+ students from elementary to advanced levels in math and reading
• Graded and guided students with their coursework in order to foster educational and personal growth


During the summer of 2016, when I was going into my senior year of high school, I went on a trip to Spain with some fellow classmates and two of our Spanish teachers. We explored the busy city of Madrid, the ancient artistic city of Toledo, the Moorish-styled and chaotic city of Granada, and had a home stay in the bustling Southern city of Sevilla. This trip exposed me to so many different aspects of Spanish culture and I fell in love with Spain. I saw the beautiful art of historic and modern Spanish artists in Madrid, I explored the lavish cathedrals in Toledo that represent Spain’s rich Catholic history, I witnessed a traditional flamenco dance and ate the famous paella of Spain in Granada, and in Sevilla, I got to experience everyday life in Spain as I stayed with a family. The family I stayed with had two little girls ages 10 and 5 and I got to see what a school day looks for the average child. My family also took me to the beach, out to eat, to go shopping, to explore the city, and to a bull fight. Everything I saw in Spain made me fall deeper in love with the country, and my host family was so kind that I couldn’t help but fall in love with the people of the country too. This entire trip made me realize how much I love Spanish culture and that was when I officially decided to major in Spanish in college.

About Me

I am a freshman at The Ohio State University in the College of Arts and Science. I am planning on majoring in Spanish with a possible double major in English and a minor in Business. While I know I have a passion for Spanish and languages, I am still searching for where that path might take me for a career. I hope to learn more about myself and my plans for the future throughout this first year of college.
Ever since I was young, I knew that I wanted to help make this world a more fair and just place for all and I plan on becoming involved in organizations and clubs that advocate for equality and justice. Helping those in need goes hand in hand with this desire for a better world and that is partly what drew me to the Mount Leadership Society. I am so excited to be a part of the Mount Scholars program with all of its opportunities for community service and its focus on leadership skills that will help me and the others in Mount make a positive change in our community and the world. Throughout high school I was heavily involved in my church and the mission trips that we would go on every summer. These trips showed me first hand the positive impact a helping hand and a compassionate heart can have on people and their communities. During my senior year of high school I was fortunate enough to be a student council representative and this gave me the chance to lead the annual canned food drive. Again I got to see how much of an impact we can have on others with generosity and helpfulness.
In my free time I love to read, listen to all types of music and go to concerts, and explore all the wonderful places and restaurants that Columbus has to offer. Hopefully college will expand my horizons even more and get me into some new hobbies and interests!