10 Types of People To Meet at tOSU!

1) The Campus Celebrity: “Hi [insert random student name here]!” You will hear this a lot if you meet someone who is considered the campus celebrity. This is a student that typically has a very memorable personality and has probably been involved in a student organization since they’ve stepped on campus. Anytime he/she sees someone that they know, they have to say hi. On the one hand, he/she could be a motivator for you to become involved; on the other hand, he/she could make you late for everything because they know so many people. It depends!


2)  The “Too Involved” Student: There are close to 800+ student organizations on campus and there is always one student who just wants to be a part of everything. Finding them can be a gift and a curse. A gift because you will have the opportunity to be invited to things you could probably never imagine. A curse because you will probably get invited to EVERYTHING! Overall, this student usually is a great example of what not to do.


3) The Athlete: Not all athletes are the same. There are so many sports that are offered on campus, and there could be an athlete in your hallway or even your room. Most students usually meet one athlete that they become particularly close with because they offer insight on campus that non-athletes cannot see. That’s just one more person that adds to your well-rounded Ohio State experience.


4) The HIPPIE / The THRIFTER: saving money is something that all college students (and parents) love to do! Find a friend at Ohio State that loves to thrift shop. They usually know where to go to save a couple dollars.


5) The Classmate Soul-mate: All classes aren’t created equally, and there will be some classes that you cannot fully master. Finding a student in a difficult class that is willing to help you comprehend the material in a much easier way could be the difference between getting an A in the class instead of a C. Who knows … that could be a good friend in disguise!


6) The Ultimate ORGANIZER: similar to the Classmate Soul-mate, this student just proves that no one can be too organized. From their socks, down to the color of the pen he/she uses for each class, they fully encompass the word “organization.” The greatest benefit that could be attained from this type of person is that you’ll know exactly where to be, when to be there, and what you need to take with you. If it is the last thing they do!


7) Cultural Clarifier: this is a student that comes from a cultural background that is unfamiliar to you. Students like the Cultural Clarifier understand that not everyone comes from a well-rounded background, or a background that is so knowledgeable to the point that it knows every culture and its customs. They love to teach instead of preach. The Clarifier gets a thrill in teaching those less informed about their specific culture, customs, tradition, and differences.


8) Musician: everyone needs a friend that has a little Mariah Carey on their vocal cords or can make anyone swoon with a saxophone! Meeting students that are into music, or love to perform rather, helps you to release that inner celebrity that is only heard in the shower at home. Also, they give great musical insight and this can be the one student, other than your immediate best friend, that could accompany you to concerts or other music related events!


9) Mirror Image: Have you ever met someone and after a brief introduction or conversation you instantly thought, “WOW! We basically live the same life.” This Mirror Image student (or staff member) is someone great to have around when you need someone who can relate to you! This person usually ends up becoming a best friend because you can spend hours on end talking about life experiences, academics, interests, family and even those unnatural obsessions you have with One Direction or Taylor Swift.


10) The President of BSA: Alante’ Ward is the current president of the Black Student Association (hint hint, wink wink). He is a social butterfly who loves to make others laugh and smile. Also, he does a great job at representing a student who embraces their ethnic culture, while at the smile time adds to Ohio State’s student culture. I guarantee after one conversation, the rest of your day will be filled with smiles!

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