MODULE 7 BLOG: Final Reflection Blog Post

  • How would you describe your knowledge and skills at the beginning of the course vs. at the end of the course? At the beginning of the course my knowledge was not too aware on properly taking notes and interacting and learning how to be more confident online. My skills were very little, I knew how to work certain things online. At the end of the course my knowledge became more wide on working through the internet, how to talk to people, and ┬áto cut distractions since you are at home. However, at the end I learned how not only to work online but communicate online with others properly and also, how to block out distractions.
  • What are the most important, useful, or interesting things you learned? I think the most important thing that I learned was how to communicate with people online because some things can be misread. You may think one thing but someone else thinks another way. Something that is useful is learning how to have self motivation and knowing what is distracting you. Something that is interesting is learning your how you work rather you are a visual or verbal learner and adjusting so you can get the information.
  • What have you learned about yourself? I have learned that it is very hard for me to get over my procrastination but I also have good self-motivation that kind of takes over my procrastination.
  • What was your most meaningful experience in the course? Why? My most meaningful experience was actually creating the blog page. I say that because at first I did not care to do the blogs but as we did more and more blogs things seem to getting better because writing is something that I enjoy. So, it is actually something that turned out better than I expected plus the blogs are opinionated.
  • How will you apply what you learned in this class in the future? I will apply how I conversant with people. That is something that always been important but also, how you approach and talk through the internet because people can not see how you feel so you have to make sure how you get it across to others.
  • What are your parting words of advice to your readers/viewers/listeners? My advice to readers, viewers, and listeners are always have a planner, build self-motivation, and if you take any online course learn how to talk to your peers and instructors and make sure you can see your message from many different views.

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