MODULE 6 BLOG: Searching and Researching Blog Post

  • What is the most useful thing I learned in this module? The most useful thing that I have learned in this module was making sure my sources are creditable and reliable.
  • What is a specific example of something from this module I have already put into practice? How did it work out? Something that I already put into practice is scholarly search. It worked out to be pretty simple for the most part. The steps with finding one is not bad because the information is normally there.
  • What ideas from this module could I put into practice in the future? How? Some ideas from the module that I can put into practice is keeping track of the sources that I do find. Learning more about bibliographic mangers or reference.
  • What advice would I give to students (or working professionals), based on what I’ve read or experienced during this module? I would tell students to pay attention to all of the ways there is to cite sources. You need to know almost every way such as MLA, APA, Chicago style, and etc because everyone is different.

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