MODULE 5 BLOG: Web-Enhanced Listening and Viewing Strategies Blog Post

What is the most useful thing I learned in this module? The most useful thing that I have learned in this class is taking notes properly.

What is a specific example of something from this module I have already put into practice? How did it work out? One thing that I have already put into practice is taking notes right, being able to break my notes down so they will not be all over the place. So, far it has been working out great. I break everything down by modules and write down the topic and go into more details on things instead off just writing down what I see.

What ideas from this module could I put into practice in the future? How? I believe learning from online videos is something I could put into practice in the future because I plan on taking more online classes. It gives you chances to re-watch the lectures, make sure you fully understand it, great for visual learners, and etc.

What advice would I give to students (or working professionals), based on what I’ve read or experienced during this module? Based on what I have read and learned in this module I would tell students to take great notes and use them outside of class. Do not just write them down and forget about them. Break your notes down also.

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