Module 4: blog web-enhanced reading and study strategy

The most useful thing from module 4 is being ready to be a active reader and also being able to know your distraction. That is the first step with things, finding out what is the problem if there is one. The first week of assignments when we had to use a voice thread. It was unexpected and also, we all had to figure out a good place to record which is considered figuring out the place that is a distraction to successfully complete the assignment. It worked out good for me, I know being in my house is a complete distraction but being in the bathroom isn’t. Plus before someone enter they would have to knock. Figuring out the main point and really understanding what you are reading. That is something people really can put into practice because I know many people that can read a book and barely tell me what it is about. You can read more tips on that in Module 4 under lesson. I would tell students to really understand what you are reading, about to read or anything. Gives you an advantage on what you are going into and also, be prepared.

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