Communicating and Collaboration

I’ve learned a lot from this module on communication and collaboration. Effective communication is important because it directly impacts the behavior and response from people. These tips can help me now and in the near future with a job; teaching me how to answer the phone, try to understand and have less misunderstandings, not use all caps or exclamation marks and things that can spark a bad or angry vibe. I work at a call center so working over the phone and communicating with people is something important, Learning how to come off to others and communicate better. I can also put the email tips to use and create a professional email name and actually check my emails. I really recommend people to ¬†always try to be professional as possible because you never know who you are interacting with. Also, having your email linked to your phone or something you check daily so you will not forget is a good thing too. You can be professional and still have a little free time.

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