Overall Reflection

I would describe my knowledge and skills at the beginning of the course to be kind of all over the place and not very prepared. I never had really felt the need to organize and schedule my assignments based on priority. This caused me to procrastinate a lot. Now, at the end of the course I have learned different tips and tools to use to better plan my assignments out and to make sure I’m not waiting until the last minute to compete something. Some of the most important, useful, and interesting things I’ve learned were from the readings we wrote our blog posts on. One that stood out to me a lot was what I wrote my module 4 blog on; becoming an active learner. In this post, I referenced page 3, where it tells us that┬ábeing an active learner goes beyond simply asking questions and attending office hours. Something as small as getting together with other students in the class or listening to additional podcasts could have a huge effect on your grade and how much information you actually gain from the class. Something I’ve learned about myself is that I never really went the extra mile in my classes like I should have. This class will hopefully motivate me to further my efforts in my future classes so that I not only do better in the class grade wise, but gain more knowledge that will help me further my education towards my career. My most meaningful experience in this course was doing blog posts on the readings. This helped me understand the material so much more than if I were just to read the modules and take a quiz on it. When you have to actually reflect on what you read and apply to it to your own life and other real life situations, the material is much easier to understand. The topics I chose to write my blog posts about really helped me analyze the readings a lot more than I normally owed have. I will apply what I learned in this class in the future by using the different strategies such as planning, organizing, and using online tools to help me in my classes. I was thinking about adding my assignments to my online calendar as well as my schedule planner so that I have double the reminders to hold me accountable for getting my work done. My parting words of advice to my readers, viewers, and listeners is to never procrastinate and try to limit your distractions as much as possible. These are two things that always cause trouble for me when it comes to completing tasks and getting my work done. Something that always helps me, distraction wise, is to put my phone away and do my work in a quiet room by myself where no one can interrupt my focus. As far as procrastination goes, it will only hurt you if you choose to wait until the last minute to get your work done. So, my advice is to just get it out of the way as soon as possible. You’ll thank yourself later.

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