Module 6: Searching and Researching

In this module, the most useful thing I learned was to focus more on source reliability. On page 67, it tells you multiple places to check on the website to verify it’s credibility and reliability. A specific example of something in this module I have already put in my practice is checking the author’s credentials. I always make sure that the person writing the article is qualified and educated to do so so that my research is accurate. This works out pretty well because it verifies that the information I am learning is from someone who knows plenty about the topic and can teach it to me correctly. Some ideas from this module that I could put into practice in the future are checking the contact information. I would do this by searching the webpage for a contact section where I could find more information about the author to ensure what I’m reading was written by a professional. Some advice that I would give to students based on what I’ve read and experienced in this module would be to always make sure that the credentials and references of the article are reliable and accurate so that you aren’t learning false information.

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