Module 5: Web-Enhanced Listening & Viewing Strategies

In this module, the most useful thing I learned was to take better notes by using a template. On slide 7, it gives an example of the Cornell Method to help organize your notes into what the lecturer says as well as your own thoughts. A specific example of something in this module I have already put in my practice organizing my notes in a template manner. My notes are usually in bullet points organized by importance. This works out pretty well because it organizes my notes in a way that when I’m studying, I can easily access the information I need. Some ideas from this module that I could put into practice in the future are creating more of a box-like template to visually organize my notes as well as logistically organizing them. I would do this creating a box-like template before I begin taking notes so that I can easily sort the points into their respective boxes. Some advice that I would give to students based on what I’ve read and experienced in this module would be to definitely organize your notes in some manner, so that when you need to look back on them to study, it is very simple and doesn’t stress you out even more.

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