Module 4: Web-Enhanced Reading and Study Strategies

In this module, the most useful thing I learned was to become an active learner. On page 3, it tells us that being an active learner goes beyond simply asking questions and attending office hours. A specific example of something in this module I have already put in my practice is collaborating with other students in my class outside of the lecture to help me learn the material better. This works out pretty well because sometimes its a lot easier to discuss information with another student is learning the same way you are because you can relate to it more. Some ideas from this module that I could put into practice in the future are reading beyond the textbook and checking out podcasts or other outside resources to further understand the information. I would do this by branching out my search to find other sources of information regarding the topic I am learning. Some advice that I would give to students based on what I’ve read and experienced in this module would be that the more effort you put into the class, and the more active you are, the more you will gain from the class and the more you will succeed.

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